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What would a skydiver's life be without all those great boogies and meets around the world? Let us show you the special ones every month and some great Drop Zones around the world.
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KDFC Boogie in Lodi - May 27 - 29, 2000

Mark your calendars for Memorial Weekend for the "2nd Annual KDFC Boogie" at the Parachute Center in Lodi, California! KDFC stands for "Kathy Dause Fan Club" and Kathy is the "good angel" of the manifest which obviously brought her lots of fans. She's the wife of DZ owner Bill Dause and co-owner of the Parachute Center.
This year's boogie offers alot. Two Super Otters, a Beech 99 and a DC-3 will be flying. There'll be catered dinners both Saturday and Sunday night, and the sound system will be provided by Jan Davis for the Saturday Night Party! Also promised is a bigger and better bonfire by Freak and the beer truck!
During this weekend, some manufacturers are also scheduled to set up special booths. Among them, the folks from Aerodyne Research, who will offer demo use of their great parachutes. In addition, camping is possible, and there are a few motels nearby. Join the fun at the Parachute Center in Lodi. For more information call Bill or Kathy Dause at 1-209-369-1128.


Caravan Weekend at Mile High Parachuting - May 19 - 22, 2000

Mile High Parachuting in Arnprior, Ontario, about 40 minutes west of Ottawa, will be having a Caravan in for the long May weekend, May 19-22, 2000. The 14-place Caravan will be there from Friday to Monday afternoon. Pre-registration of $120 includes four jump tickets to 12.5 (gear rental extra if applicable) and a BBQ on Saturday night. Additional jump tickets will be $30.00 each. (All prices in Canadian Dollars).
There will be a 4-way competition. One-on-one coaching will be available for freefall students. Free camping is available for all jumpers. CSPA membership and water gear is mandatory. ("aqua boys" will be available for sale or rent for visiting jumpers). Please be sure your reserve is in date. Check out their web site for more information.


More Boogies and Events

"The Freaks Travel North Boogie" - April 29 - 30, 2000

Join "The Freaks Travel North Boogie" at the The School of Human Flight in Quincy, Florida. Freefly coaching will be available with Jim Oreilly (AD-B16) and Deven Cruson (AD-A155). Free beginner freefly seminar will be held for all that are interested and there will be free coaching and organizing. The $10 registration fee pays for beer and food on Saturday night. Jump tickets are $17 to 13,500 ft. Bring a tandem and jump on the load for free!
For more information call Cindy at (850)627-SOHF or check out the DZ's website.


For Boogies in Europe see the German edition of "skyXtreme"
or the worldwide calendar on Skydive World.

Boogies in America - April 2000
Date Event Club/Drop Zone Homepage
01.04. - 09.04. Pre-Easter Boogie
8-Way Sequential
Skydive City
Zephyrhills, Florida, USA
08.04. - 20.04. Easter Boogie World Skydiving Center
Lake Wales, Florida, USA
14.04. - 16.04. Freefly Boogie Skydive Houston
Waller, Texas, USA
15.04. - 16.04. Welcome Back Boogie
Super Otters migrate home!
The Ranch Parachute Club
Gardiner, New York, USA
15.04. - 23.04. Easter Daze Boogie Skydive Elsinore
Elsinore, California, USA
15.04. - 23.04. Easter Boogie Skydive City
Zephyrhills, Florida, USA
19.04. - 23.04. Easter Casa Boogie Carolina Sky Sports
Louisburg, North Carolina, USA
20.04. - 23.04. Easter Boogie Skydive Arizona
Eloy, Arizona, USA
21.04. - 23.04. $ 10 Easter Boogie Skydive Chicago
Ottawa, Illinois, USA
21.04. - 23.04. Easter Boogie Skydive Delmarva
Laurel, Delaware, USA
21.04. - 24.04. Easter Boogie Skydive Sebastian
Florida, USA
21.04. -23.04. Easter Hop Perris Valley Skydiving
California, USA
21.04. -24.04. Easter Boogie Skydive Daytona Beach
Florida, USA
22.04. - 24.04. Ranch Easter Boogie The Ranch Parachute Club
Gardiner, New York, USA
29.04. - 30.04. $ 99 Boogie Skydiving Center
Marana, Arizona, USA

Boogies worldwide - April 2000
Date Event Club/Drop Zone Homepage
21.04. - 22.04. Passover Boogie Skydive Eilat, Israel Homepage
21.04. - 24.04. Easter 2000 Boogie Skydive Express
York WA, Australia
21.04. - 24.04. Easter Freefly Festival Ramblers Parachute Center
Toogoolawah SQ, Australia

For Boogies in Europe see the German edition of "skyXtreme"
or the worldwide calendar on Skydive World.

For more boogies see Page 1      

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