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Here you can find the latest news, which will reach us during the current month. Short and crunchy. Got news? Mail'm!
 [Updated: November 6, 2000]


  • Tension Is In The Air
  • Golden Knights go 4-Way
  • Carter Wilson died in motorcycle accident
  • AAD Mandatory in Ireland and Australia
  • Skydive San Marcos $16.00 Jumps
  • BASE Jump in Scottland
  • Trouble in Northwest
  • British Record Attempts
  • News Bytes  [updated: 11/06/00]
  • News from the CSPA
  • New Georgia Women's State Record
  • News from "The Drop Shop"
  • FAI ratifies three new world records
  • More Olympic Support for Parachuting
  • New FAI President Elected
  • New Videos
  • News from the Shop Zone
  • Wanted!  [updated: 11/06/00]
  • Tension Is In The Air
    by Kurt Gaebel, NSL -

    The relationship between the French national 4-way team, Perris-Maubeuge, and the Omniskore masterminds, Tim and Ted Wagner, seems to be at a critical point. The trouble began at last year's World Championship in Australia when one of the French team's competition jumps was viewed a few times by the judging panel. This was a rule violation initiated and accepted by Omniskore. France Perris-Maubeuge also competed as a guest team at this year's U.S. Nationals. This time, the team was targeted by Omniskore criticism regarding their video quality. France felt offended by Omniskore's comments to the public during the competition. The team believes that Omniskore, as a major component of the judging procedure, should not take such a strong position on competition issues. Omniskore's statements can be found as a part of their Tidbits throughout the U.S. Nationals. France's latest statement has been posted at the team's website.
    As most of the times, both parties probably have their valid points. Now, the NSL audience can evaluate the whole situation and create the big picture. Feedback at will be appreciated. Hopefully, the result of this conflict will be productive and help the progression of the sport.

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    Golden Knights go 4-Way

    The Golden Knights have breaking news for the 4-way world. The Golden Knights are shifting their focus from 8-way to 4-way. Chris Talbert visited the National Skydiving League Playoffs Eastern Skies at the Atlanta Skydiving Center as the event judge. The "NSL News" had the chance to spend a few minutes with Talbert for some questions regarding the future of the Golden Knights. As surprising as his answers were, the plan is promising another great player in the growing and exciting 4-way competition in the country. The interview will be at the NSL website at

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    Carter Wilson died in Motorcycle Accident

    Skydive Dallas is sad to announce that their friend and staff member Carter Wilson died on October 31 following a motorcycle accident Friday evening. Carter suffered severe head injuries. A memorial dive was conducted on Saturday, November 4, at Skydive Dallas. Carter's antics and character were a big part of the dropzone vibe. He will be missed.

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    AAD Mandatory in Ireland and Australia

    The Parachute Association of Ireland is in the process of making AADs compulsory for all persons engaging in head down freeflying in Ireland. This will apply to all visiting jumpers. There are no plans at the moment to make AADs compulsory for skydiving in general. For more information check out
    As the Australian Parachute Federation reports on their web site at from mid-January 2001, the rules will be changed so that all jumpers who hold less than a "B" license will be required to have an AAD fitted to their gear. This will also apply to visiting foreign jumpers.

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    Skydive San Marcos $16.00 Jumps All Winter

    Skydive San Marcos in Texas is happy to announce Otter lift tickets to 14000 ft will be $16 until further notice. These are not block tickets, this is the real deal. Also, all organized 4- and 8-way teams will get $16 slots and a free video slot. And, as they do every winter, they offer $ 99 per day, all you can jump. Multiple rigs are okay, "jump till ya puke".

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    BASE jump from bridge in Scottland

    In September, two BASE jumpers jumped 500 ft from the Forth Road Bridge, a famous bridge near Edinburgh in Scotland, then fled before police could grab them.
    Austrian Felix Baumgartner, 30, and Swiss Ueli Gengenschatz, 32, were picked up by a waiting dinghy and whisked away. The pair leaped from the top of a support pillar after precariously scaling suspension cables.
    A police spokesman said: "They're idiots. They missed the bridge by feet. If the wind caught them they would be dead. If we find them, they could be charged with a breach of the peace."
    Last year Baumgartner jumped from the 1,483 ft Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia, and from the Christo Statue in Rio de Janeiro.

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    Trouble in Northwest

    "Blue Skies" at Shelton, WA, had to close its doors due to airport commissioners (federally funded airport) demanding 1 million dollars in insurance to operate their Part 91 aircraft. Such an insurance is unavailable and not required for other Part 91 aircraft on the same airport.
    Olympic Skydivers Association at Port Townsend disallowed parachute landings at the very rural, federally-funded airport due to insurance concerns. This is a non-profit club. No other aviation activities are required to self-insure to land on the airport. In the meantime they continue to jump into a friendly farmers field adjacent to a member's house and commute to the airport. USPA knows about the problem and is looking into it.
    Any further questions or shows of support can be directed by email to the DZO's at

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    British Record Attempts

    Simon Ward and Darryl Moran are considering upping the stakes in the European record for largest formation. Sward said "We're just toying with the idea of a record with a twist, more of a challenge with the French and maybe a third team. It'll still be the largest formation but if we go for it, I suspect we'll go overseas but keep it British. It would likely be in October 2001".
    Simon added that the team had other issues to consider, "We would definitely like BPA support and will be looking for sponsorship. We also need to know that skydivers are prepared to get involved again. We've got the planes, the location, the facilities and the weather, but at the end of the day, it's all down to the jumpers and the bigger the formation, the more you need to rely on the good guys, especially if we challenge others."
    Both Darryl and Simon were involved in the World Team 282 world record in Thailand after Brit100 and it's rumored that other members of the new team were also there.
    If you feel there's appetite for a record with a difference and would like to see it happen, e-mail John Mayo's from the British Skydive magazine at

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