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Blue skies and safe landings!
[Updated: November 6, 2000]                              More safety issues on pages   [1]  [2]   [3]

Kansas Skydiver Killed When Chute Fails To Open
by J.E. Van Natta, S&TA -

Saturday, September 30, Troy Pipkin exited the Cessna 182 at approximately 9500 AGL. The plan was to freefly a 4-way with one sitflyer and three bellyflyers. On exit, the group experienced a great deal of separation and Troy began to dive at the sitfly base. Troy was unsuccessful at docking on the base and was observed at approximately 4000 AGL, slightly above one of the other jumpers, turning and tracking away. Another jumper deployed his canopy at approximately 3500 AGL and while watching the deployment, observed Troy fall past him, approximately 50 feet away, in a belly-to-earth position. He continued in what appeared to be a stable position until just before impact.
Investigation at the scene indicated that neither the main or reserve canopy had been deployed prior to impact. The container was equipped with a Cypres approximately two months ago, however it appears that the unit had not been activated prior to the jump.
The true cause of this accident will never be known. We only hope that this accident reinforces your commitment and efforts to use all of the tools you have available during your skydives and, above all else, to maintain your altitude awareness and execute your emergency procedures in a timely manner.
Troy's family asks that any expressions of sympathy be in the form of memorials to a scholarship fund for Ryan and Megan Pipkin, Troy's children. Memorials may be sent to the Bath-Naylor Funeral Home, 522 South Broadway, Pittsburg, Kansas, 66762. 316-231-4700. Troy was a full time fireman and any department wishing to assist is asked to donate to the children's scholarship fund.

   * * *
Longtime Skydiver, Jerry Schrimsher, Dies of Heart Attack

Immediately after completing a jump on October 14, longtime skydiver Jerry Schrimsher died of a heart attack at Skydive Dallas in Texas. Schrimsher, 65 years old, was seen smiling in freefall after successfully completing an 8-way with some friends. Witnesses reported, however, seeing Schrimsher hanging limp in his harness, making no apparent effort to release its brakes or fly the canopy.
The medical examiner has attributed Jerry's death to a massive heart attack. Jerry Schrimsher will be remembered for the active skydiver he was, having skydived since 1959. Much of his focus in the sport was on safety and training.

   * * *
Deployment Collission Kills Canadian Jumper

At Skydive Superior in Wisconsin on October 1st, a Canadian jumper, Dennis Comeau, aged 46, died from head injuries which he suffered during a deployment collision.
Reportedly, Comeau was making a 4-way RW jump and notified the group that he would be opening higher than usual because of a hard opening on his previous jump. After turning 360 degrees on break-off, Comeau deployed his main at 3,500 feet. Another jumper was above Comeau and the two then collided as their canopies inflated.
It is believed that Comeau was knocked unconcious during the collision and was still unconscious with his brakes unstowed when he landed in a swampy area on the DZ. He was still alive on landing, but died later in a nearby hospital where he never regained consciousness. The skydiver had nearly 200 jumps in over five years in the sport.

More safety issues on pages   [1]   [2]   [3]

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