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Learn about upcoming competitions and championships worldwide. Check out the schedule of the month and get the latest results, stories and pictures.
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National Skydiving League Championships
November 18-19, 2000
by Kurt Gaebel, NSL -

The grande finale, the Championships 2000, of the National Skydiving League 2000 season is coming up soon. The NSL Playoffs 2000 Eastern Skies were held for the first time at the Atlanta Skydiving Center, and it was a great success. The Championship 2000 is scheduled for November 18-19 at Skydive DeLand in Florida. The eight best eligible teams of both Eastern and Western Skies will compete for the 2000 medals. DeLand PD Blue is the defending champion. The qualified and invited teams can expect an exciting competition for everybody.

National Skydiving League
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The event will begin on Friday with the welcome celebration and the competition draw at the SkyVenture wind tunnel in Orlando. During this event, each participating team will be invited to test fly the tunnel for four minutes at no cost. The next morning the competition will begin. All 16 teams will complete six rounds on Saturday. The best eight teams of Saturday's event will then advance to the championship rounds on Sunday. For their achievement, they will also receive one free hour of flying time per team at the SkyVenture wind tunnel in Orlando.
Saturday night, Pondo's Restaurant will again host the NSL Championship dinner banquet. Sunday will then be the championship day for the eight remaining teams as they fight it out for the 2000 medals through two quarterfinal rounds, two semifinal rounds and two medal rounds.


This competition will apply the same format as last year's NSL Championship 1999. Most likely, Sunday's event will again be televised. The NSL headquarters is currently preparing another 30-minute TV production covering the event. All participants of Sunday's championship event will receive a copy of this TV show. All in all, the NSL Championship 2000 is promising even more excitement than the 1999 event. More news regarding the event will be posted regularly at the Skydive Leagues website.


Para-Performance Games
November 30 to December 3, 2000

Skydive Houston in Waller, Texas and Icarus Canopies will host the 2000 Para-Performance Games, an extreme canopy competitions for the high performance pilot, which will take place at Skydive Houston November 30 to December 3. This event will have extreme high performance canopy competitions in speed, accuracy and distance. Some of the best pilots in the world will be on hand to demonstrate the advancement of today's high performance canopies.

Icarus Canopies
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Over $3,000 in cash and $5,000 in prizes will be given away to the top competitors in this event. Icarus Canopies and Sunpath Productions will be there with demo canopies, and Madtrack Video Magazine will be covering the event for a new episode to be distributed nationwide! The ECPA (Extreme Canopy Pilot's Association) will be at the Games with information and registration table.
The Games will also feature several other epic competitors that will challenge the limits of the Ram-Air canopy. Saturday night the main hanger will come alive for the party with live DJ. Speaking of party, word has just come from Florida that Johnny Lewis will be at the Games as well.
Skydive Houston is home to 300 x 600 foot swoop pond, newly restored 260 x 40 foot swoop ditch, Super Twin Otter, C182, indoor air conditioning, heated packing area, Swoop Cafe, swimming pool, DZ TV, multi-team rooms, video rooms, hot showers, RV hook-ups, golf course, rigging services, gear store & more!
For more info on the Para-Performance Games, an event packet or to get on the mailing list contact


Upcoming Events at Skydive City, Zephyrhills
November 16-19 and December 2-3, 2000

Speed 60-Way Meet - November 16-19, 2000
Skydive City in Zephyrhills, Florida, is poised to kick butt one more time at the Speed Competition in 2000. In 1998 they built a 118-way 2-point skydive, setting a new record in formation skydiving. In 1999 they built three consecutive 100-way dives and won the Speed 100 competition nationwide.
This year, they have several days set aside for the event. Like previous meets, they will select which dives to submit to the judges which allows a lot of leeway in getting the job done! Therefore, plan on five jumps per day until the goal is met.
November 15 - Check-in
November 16 - Thursday, 60-Ways, 5 minimum
November 17 - Friday, 60-Ways, 5 minimum
November 18 - Saturday, 60-Ways, 5 minimum
The day's schedule will be the same each day, 8 am check-in, 8:30 dirt dive, 9:00 am take-off plan. Sunday is usually travel day, but it is also the start of their annual Thanksgiving Boogie and Turkey Meet. There will be more competitions and fun all week long, so plan to stay the few extra days.
All 60-Way dives will be $20 each, plus $20 registration, starting Thursday morning, and will also include 15,000'+ altitude, oxygen if required, video and organizing.
2-Way competition - December 2-3, 2000
Do you want to get a head start on some new gear? Then join the 2-Way competition. They have thousands of dollars in prizes for the event. 'A' license and maximum of 100 jumps required to enter. There are only two jumps to be completed over the weekend. $75 each person covers your slot, video and gear rental if needed. Do well and you may not need to rent gear again!
Check out the list of prizes:
40% off two Javelin containers
40% off two Vector containers
40% off two PD canopies
40% off two Icarus Canopies
40% off two Tony Suits
Two Sunshine Factory Gift Certificates
Two Z-Store Gift Certificates.
They will have prizes for 1st 2nd 3rd and maybe 4th place. Most of the local video people are offering their video services for free for the competition. For more information contact Boxman at

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