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What would a skydiver's life be without all those great boogies and meets around the world? Let us show you the special ones every month and some great Drop Zones around the world.
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Boogies at Skydive Sebastian

Skydive Sebastian in Florida has been sold by former owner Andy Grimwade and is also under new management. The dropzone is looking forward to a busy and exciting winter season with plenty of fun events for all levels of experience! And they start out with two great boogies in November.

Skydive Sebastian

Their infamous "Keys Boogie" is going to be held at Marathon Municipal Airport on Key Vaca November 10-12. This is always an excellent boogie and one not to be missed - Beach jumps, great party and a weekend of FUN FUN FUN skydiving over the beautiful islands of the Florida Keys. Jumps from a CASA are $20 and the registration fee is $20. There will be free RW with Tris Colket and Rob Silver, and load organizing for freeflyers. Join them for a fun-filled weekend including Sunset Margarita beach jumps, sunrise loads, pool party on Saturday night at the Buccaneer Resort. A B License is requirement for this event.
Their "New Ownership Celebration" is going to be held during the Thanksgiving Boogie November 20 - 26. There will be a turkey dinner and party with live band on the 25th. Rob Silver and friends will be organizing the freeflying, and Lyle Presse and friends will be at hand for flat flying and wing suit flying. Jumps are $16. Contact to sign up or call them @ 1800 399 JUMP.


Thanksgiving Boogie & Turkey Meet
November 17-26, 2000

Skydive City in Zephyrhills, Florida is having its Annual Thanksgiving Boogie & Turkey Meet in November. It's one of the most fun weeks in skydiving. The Z-Girlz will be available for load organizing (medium/low experience) every day, and Boxman will be organizing theme Days. Competitions enhance the tradition of the season as they kick off another great year. Lots of other fun events involving our local manufacturers and retailers will also happen!


Skydive City

go there...
20th - Monday - Donut Mania
21st - Tuesday - 12-Way Day
22nd - Wednesday - Wacky Weedwacker Day
23rd - Thursday - 10-Way Speed Competition - 30-Ways when it is finished
24th - Friday - 8-Way Formation Skydiving Meet - Freakin' Chunk-It Friday
25th - Saturday - High Altitude load early morning 22,000' for 2 jump tickets plus Boxways
         "Difficult Sequential Dives"
25-26 - 16-Way Formation Skydiving Meet
26th - Sunday - Boxman's Mystery Dives
For more information contact them at (800) 404-9399 or by e-mail at

More boogies on pages  [1]  [2]

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