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skyXtreme ShopZone

Here we'll show you every month a small collection of useful, useless and funny or whacko sites on the Web which are always worth a visit on rainy days. Enjoy!!

What is bogbeast? Once upon a time in a place far far away there lived a very small newt in a very large shoe, and every morning he would get up out of his stitches and file his fingernails ... there was also a bog behind the newt's shoe and in the bog behind the shoe where the newt lived was a fly who lived in the stomach of a fish ... didn't eat much just whatever was swimming around in there ...
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...and in the brain of the fly living in the fish behind all that other stuff was a dream created by the frog that lived near the monster on the other side of a large tree ... and the dream spoke to the fly and this site contains all that vision ... so if you find yourself understanding just what is going on, then take two steps forward, smack yourself loudly on the bottom because there is no reason or meter to the methods employed here ... only a storey, the big one, and a package of cheese.
Who are they really? is just three guys, hanging out near the roof of an old factory with a bunch of computers, a room full of garage sale toys, a fridge full of refreshing beverages, and an extremely limited attention span. We use macintosh computers, macromedia flash software, and whatever ideas float on by. Mostly we learned what we know by doing it for corporate america... mostly.
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Flying can be a spiritual experience, a blast of fun, a practical business skill, a big drain on your wallet. If you're interested in piloting your own plane, you can find out about aviation at The site is full of news, calendars, maintenance, and linked to a database of airports. Still ready to soar? Try Be A Pilot [] to find the right school on your way to a license.


Freedom Of Information Act
Electronic Reading Room

Survivor is long over, and Big Brother is way boring. What are you going to do now for your voyeuristic jollies? What better way to peruse the private lives of fellow citizens than to fire up the old Adobe Acrobat Reader and plunge into some juicy FBI files?

Electronic Reading Room
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Perhaps you want to learn more about Baby Face Nelson, Josephine Baker, or Bertolt Brecht. It's a cast of thousands filled with gangsters, commies, or just plain miscreants. These are your tax dollars at work folks, don't let J. Edgar Hoover's many years of hard surveillance go to waste. Hopefully, there won't be any files about you.

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