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This page will provide you with the latest news from the SSI Pro Tour and a calendar of Freeflying and Skysurfing events worldwide.
September 12, 2000 voting over 3 to 1 in Favor!

Thanks to all the web visitors who voted for Freeflying to be included in the 2001 X Games! The ballot on has now concluded. Hopefully, it will provide the ESPN Programming Dept. with the feedback they need to include Freeflying in the next X Games!

SSI ProTour

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on the SSI web site...

Should freeflying be part of X Games 2001?
The poll began on Friday July the 14th and concluded Monday September 11, 2000. The purpose of this non-binding poll was to help the Programming gurus at ESPN see if the general visitors of their web site understand the concept of freeflying and/or would like to see it in the X Games in 2001.
SSI has been lobbying for Freeflying to join Skysurfing at the X Games since 1996. We believe that just like the skate sports, where more than one discipline share a common stage and can be compared to each other, multiple freefall disciplines will allow for more valid comparisons to be made by general viewers.
This increases the potential for repeat interest by viewers (more ratings) by encouraging what would otherwise be casual viewers (just watching for the wow factor of jumping out of an airplane) to take an interest in the individual athletes, their story lines and/or comparison of the different elements within performances. Multiple disciplines also enhances the drama of both events should there be individual athletes who cross over between sport categories. In short - - more events, more interesting, better TV, better ratings. SSI edited and supplied the short explanatory video, with music courtesy of Headboard.
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