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On this monthly page we feature whatever you can think of or what you might suggest to us. These suggestions can be about people, teams, drop zones, software, books, videos, games, and...and...                            [Page 2]

Professional Skydivers of America

This new organization is a nonregulatory, fraternal organization dedicated to promotion of the sport of skydiving and developing communication between professional skydivers. The PSA has been formed to give the people who make all or part of their living by skydiving, an organization that will allow them to coordinate their efforts with others who have the same interests in the sport.


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Why is PSA needed?
Here is the statement of George Rabe, the founder of PSA.

"Over the years, an attitude seems to have been formed in the skydiving world that, there is something wrong with making a living by skydiving, PSA is determined to change that attitude. It is time for those in the sport of skydiving, to recognize the fact that, making a living as a skydiver, is a highly honorable profession. It is time for professional skydivers to take their proper place in the sport as the leaders that they are, they are the ones who have perpetuated the sport.

Over the last 45 years, the sport of skydiving has grown because those who stayed with it have given their time and effort, back to the sport, for little or no pay, they have "put back into the pot". In the past, that attitude is what kept the sport alive and it will do so in the future, but attitude alone doesn't feed the kids, or pay the rent, so each year, some of the best people in the sport are leaving it because there isn't any way for them to make a living at it.

PSA hopes to change that, by providing an organization which will give the skydiving professionals a channel, through which to communicate and set work standards, wage standards, and job benefits, if for no other reason, just because there is strength in numbers.

The organization will be a coordinating effort between Drop zone owners, Tandem masters, Free fall photographers, Parachute packers, Load organizers and anyone else who makes all or part of their living by skydiving or providing a service that involves skydiving.

PSA plans to set up chaired, sub organizations in each individual professional group, providing newsletters, internet web sites, chat forums, discussion groups and any other communication channel that is needed to provide a cohesive structure, in which ideas and opinions can be exchanged.

Using the internet, PSA hopes to make available a network through which professionals of the skydiving world can find anything from specialized equipment to aircraft parts. Junk yards have been finding car parts for customers, by computer for twenty years, it's time for skydiving aircraft owners to have the same service available.

PSA is in it's infancy and like any organization, it can only be as good as it's members will let it be. It needs members who are willing to accepting a challenge and make this a better world for the professional skydiver, a world where they can proudly, make an honest living, by doing what they love best, skydiving."

Photo by Dano ©
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DanoVision Productions

As you can see from the various photos found throughout this site, Dano enjoys participating in aerial videography and 35mm still photography while skydiving. Most of his subjects are first time tandem jumpers and adventurous people from all walks of life looking to experience the thrill of a 120 mph freefall!

Dano has had much experience in flying the camera for other aspects of skydiving such as Accelerated freefall student training, formation skydiving, canopy relative work, freeflying, headdown, and skysurfing. Besides the rich and vast array of skydiving pictures to be found here, DanoVision's site features a nifty must-see skydiving musical slideshow! (RealSlideshow Plus G2 Viewer required.)

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