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On this monthly page we feature whatever you can think of or what you might suggest to us. These suggestions can be about people, teams, drop zones, software, books, videos, games, and...and...                            [Page 1]

Whether you are looking for a reliable resource on the web with serious skydiving information that could save your life, or just a place to hang around for hours each day between weekends and jumps, covers all the bases.'s vision is pretty simple: "To build the leading destination site for the skydiving community across the globe that will provide them with original, current and relevant information, content and services."

Part and parcel to this vision is a focus not only to offer more than just an array of links to other sites, but to actually provide unique original content and services in order to be an effective destination for current and relevant information needs of skydivers. To that extend the site is updated at least once a week to keep pace with changes in the sport and not become an archive. Sangiro, the name behind this vision, prefers to remain low-key and neutral in an effort to represent the different opinions and views that exist in the sport as effectively and objectively as possible.

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Skydiving in South Africa On creating he says: "Skydivers all over the world have been incredibly supportive of the effort. I am inspired by everyone who writes to pay compliments and offer suggestions, and indebted to many who allowed me to share through the site their work and knowledge with others for free. I have long accepted that it is impossible to please everybody all the time. No matter what you do publicly, you will always draw criticism. That's OK. The best way to be nothing is to do nothing, say nothing and risk nothing. When it comes to web sites there are many different opinions, very few rights and wrongs, just differences. For this reason it is seldom beneficial to enter into arguments on the merits of web design or information distribution. In the end, the best gauge of success is - do skydivers visit and use the site?" is organized into 6 distinct areas:

Dropzone Central
This section hosts three main features. First, the Global Dropzone Database is a powerful searchable database listing DZs from around the globe, including their facilities, courses offered, costs, planes and even whether hook turns are allowed or AADs required. Second, Dropzone Weather is a weather system running independently on that queries the National Weather Bureau directly. This feature is tailored for skydivers and fully integrated with the Dropzone Database. And thirdly, the Dropzone Reviews. Similar to the gear reviews below you can review a selection of DZs here or read reviews by others before you decide where to jump next. This feature is also integrated with the Dropzone Database and only listed DZs are eligible for review.

Dropzone Gear
This is one of the most popular sections on the site and hosts the Dropzone Classifieds and Dropzone Auctions where you can buy, sell or bid on anything from gear to skydiving-related services. Here you can also find loads of gear-related articles to read before you buy new equipment and an option to read and write your own online gear reviews on more that 100 items.

Focusing on building and connecting skydiving communities, The Global Skydiver's Database is a self-maintaining database where skydivers can list their information including what gear they jump, where they jump, which ratings and licenses they hold, and which disciplines they prefer. Looking for the names of Freeflyers at Skydive Citrusdal in South Africa? You can find them here. Looking for a Master Rigger in the 94111 zip code area? You can find them here. A further community feature is a variety of forums for skydivers to communicate and chit-chat with each other. There are separate forums for general talk-back, safety & training, skydiving students and gear & equipment. You can also access a listing of more than 250 links of other skydiving-related sites organized by logical categories.

Safety & Training
The focus in the Safety & Training section is on the dissemination of information and the sharing of knowledge that may save lives. This section is organized into 4 areas. First, a section on Getting Started--a gateway for whuffos and wannabe skydivers--to give them an introduction to the sport and links to relevant resources. Second, a section for Skydiving Students. From here students can link to the online AFF documentation of 3 skydiving centers, some republished on with permission. Also, Bryan Burke's Student Skydiver's Handbook has been republished here with permission. Third, a section on Skydiving Emergencies. This section hosts the complete text of Chapter 4 of Parachuting: The Skydiver's Handbook by Dan Poynter and Mike Turoff. This chapter deals in detail with various skydiving emergencies and corrective actions. A "must read" for all skydivers. Also, in the Safety & Training section, you will find an online reserve repack calculator with free email reminders of when your next pack is due, wing load and canopy size calculators, and an wide selection of safety-related articles and resources.

News and Events
Read the latest skydiving-related news from all over the world, organized in logical categories. Skydivers, clubs, DZs and organizations can submit their news articles to for publication. The Global Boogie and Event Calendar provides everyone with the opportunity to post their upcoming events on an online calendar for all to see.

Fun & Web Stuff
Exactly what it says! One of the most popular sections is Featured Photographers and Electronic Postcards. has been honored to feature with permission the likes of Joe Jennings, Keith Larrett, Brian Rogers and Jussi Laine. A selection of some of the awesome photographs by each of these photographers has been set up as electronic postcards for your pleasure. Also in the Fun &Web Stuff section: The Skydive Ring, the Skydive Top Sites, free skydiving web graphics, interactive skydiving stories, skydiving humor and much more ... is about having fun while sharing useful and relevant information and services. It's also about building relationships and partnerships with some of the awesome skydivers on the web, and to do as Henry David Thoreau suggested: "Move confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you imagined."

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