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Learn about upcoming competitions and championships worldwide. Check out the schedule of the month and get the latest results, stories and pictures.

Para-Ski World Cup And European Championship 2000 - January 27 - 30, 2000
In February 1999, at the 50th General Meeting of the FAI/IPC in Dubrovnik, Croatia, the German Aero Club together with the German Parachute Association were elected to host the 5th World Cup and 1st European Championship in Para-Ski 2000.

The German Parachute Association (DFV), the German Aero Club (DAeC), the municipality of Mittelberg/ Riezlern, Austria, and the Organizing Committee are inviting all Aero Clubs to participate in this competition to make it a successful international meeting based on the spirit of sport and friendship.

Para-Ski World Cup
IPC and the organizers are looking forward, to seeing teams from all IPC-members at the Para-Ski World Cup and European Championship 2000 in Riezlern, Austria, 120 km south-west of Munich and 100 km north-west of Innsbruck.

The center of competition activities will be near the station of the "Kanzelwald Cable Car" downtown Riezlern, here are the accuracy target area and the finish of the ski race. The jumps will be made from a height of 3000 feet. The two giant slalom runs will take place on different courses, and there will be no qualification run. The ski race starts at an altitude of approx. 1.750 meters.

More information, an entry form and the rules are available at DFV's web site.

America's Cup 2000 in Texas

America's Cup 2000, is scheduled at Skydive Houston in Waller, Texas. There is or will be four skydiving locations in the Houston area in the year 2000, with a Super Otter or better.

Talk to your DZO about your 4 way, 8 way and 16 way teams. Go have some good clean DZ competitions right there in the Houston-Texas area

Skydive Houston now challenges: Skydive USA, Skydive San Marcos, Skydive Spaceland, and all others in Texas to compete in the America Cup 2000, the Texas Skydiving League, and the Skydogs competition. To put together teams, of all levels of experience go compete with other states that produce great skydivers.

The 1999, US National 8 Way team Warp Factor 8, is holding try outs. Anyone, any level of experience is welcome. Experience is not as important as being a team player is.
Contact for more information.

POPS vs. PUPS Scrambles Meet - January 16, 2000

Skydive USA in Wharton, Texas, will be hosting a POPS vs. PUPS Scrambles Meet during the Winter POPS Meet on January 14-16. This is a unique and fun competition between POPS and PUPS (Parachutists UNDER Phorty). There will be3 rounds, all on Sunday.

The scrambles is a fund raiser for the Texas A & M Skydiving Club. The club is also providing food all weekend (including the boogie dinner Saturday night) as part of their fund raising efforts. Texas jumpers, support the Aggie skydivers and enjoy a great weekend of POPS-ways, record attempts, and POPS vs. PUPS!

Contact Skydive USA at 281-561-JUMP for more info.

For Competitions in Europe see the German edition of "skyXtreme"

Competitions in America - December 1999
Date Event Club/Drop Zone Homepage
01.12. - 17.12. 300-Way World Record Attempt World Team
Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand
11.12. - 12.12. 8-Way Crank Skydive USA
Wharton, Texas, USA
27.12. - 31.12. National Collegiate
Parachuting Championships
Skydiving Center
Marana, Arizona, USA
29.12. - 29.12. 10-way Speed Competition Skydive Arizona
Eloy, Arizona, USA
29.12. - 29.12. 100-way Competition Skydive Arizona
Eloy, Arizona, USA

Competitions in America - January 2000
Date Event Club/Drop Zone Homepage
08.01. - 08.01. Classic Rumbleseat Meet
10way Speed, DC-3
Perris Valley Skydiving
California, USA
14.01. - 17.01. 4-Way Scrambles Williston Skydivers, Texas, USA Homepage
28.01. - 06.02. Space Games Skydive America
Pahokee, Forida, USA

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