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What would a skydiver's life be without all those great boogies and meets around the world? Let us show you the special ones every month and some great Drop Zones around the world.
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Also check out our Christmas and Millennium Boogie Special
for some cool jump parties and great midnight jumps!


SE Collegiate Boogie in Florida
January 14 - 17, 2000

The UF Falling Gators and the Williston Skydivers are are making preparations for the SE Collegiate Boogie hosted by the University of Florida and the Florida State Skydiving Clubs.

UF Falling Gators

Williston Skydivers
They will have some great RW load organizers lined up (Ex Golden Knight Darren Schuster, Team Frost Bob Healy and Wendy HaagenDaas from Team Z Spot), Freefly organizing and coaching with Jason Jeruselem and Thomas Balzer, and free videos. The Cessna Grand Caravan will be flying non-stop and there will be a Super Otter on call. Various equipment manufacturers will have their demo gears on hand to check out.

4-Way Scrambles will be hold and they are going to put one of the professionals on each team. Should be a lot of fun!, There also will be night jumps and a party on Saturday night. The boogie is open to everyone. You all were in school once, so go jump with the college crowd. Let them know if you are interested in coming down and what you would like to see this year. Contact Gregg Fahrenbruch by email or phone (352) 379-3586.


Rec.Skydive Boogie - Skydive Sebastian, FL
February 16 - 20, 2000

If you belong to those folks who's exit temperature is below zero, join the crowd for the Rec.Skydive Boogie #2 at Skydive Sebastian. Skydivers from the rec.skydiving newsgroup will be there and they for sure will be having some good times in the air and on the ground.

Come see Rita's return to the air. Come see uncle Bennie show you how to avoid landing on the taxiway. Take a trip to the wind tunnel, enjoy a BBQ, make beach jumps and fun jumps and get your video taken by Jan aka flyincamera. There will be organized loads for all levels. If you want a casa and a helicopter, or even want to try a birdman suit, or if you are in need for motel rooms, just let them know. Contact Bill Flynn -

Winter POPS Meet and Boogie at Skydive USA, TX
January 14-16, 2000

Join Skydive USA in Wharton, Texas for their POPS meet, where everyone is invited, even the youngsters. 3 days of organized POPS-ways, balloon jumps and record attempts are waiting for you:

  • World - Night RW
  • World Record - Tiny Broadwick (ladies and men)
  • World Record - Night Tiny Broadwick
  • World Record - CRW
  • State Record - High altitude

There will be a Super Twin Otter and a balloon, Hit & Rock for prizes, scrambles, live classic rock band and another legendary SUSA party Saturday night. They are accepting prepayment for balloon jumps to guarantee slots.


8-Way CRANK at Skydive USA, TX
December 11-12, 1999

The 8-way CRANK is this weekend, December 11-12 at Skydive USA in Wharton, Texas. Organized 8-way all weekend for experience levels from SCR first-timers to advanced. Groups by experience to insure everyone can CRANK at their pace. The Super Twin Otter brings you up, and there will be videos, video reviews and free pizza and beer Saturday night. The dropzone is located 45 minutes southwest of downtown Houston on Highway 59 south in Wharton. Contact Chuck by Email or at 281-561-JUMP for more details.

Toadsuckers & CrWDogs invade Z-Hills
December 10-12, 1999

Some of the best and the worst of the CRW Community will be welcomed into the open arms of the manifest at Skydive City in Zephyrhills, California. Join them for a great time, loads of vibes and smiling faces. Three Otters and a Porter are flying. Be there, but most of all be scary, and carry a large knife.


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