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If your brain is longing for more than simply adrenalin, then you'll find it here! Since there is a life beyond skydiving [at least sometimes] we like to show you some great non-skydiving sites - kinda "food for the brain".

Zeitenwende - An Internet Memorial
[This site is in English, German and Spanish]

The countdown to the year 2000 is running, and thus an exciting century approaches its end. What has happened in the last 100 years, and what could happen in the future? This project is looking for active participation and your stories and pictures to build a multi-media Internet memorial.

Join in ...
That's what they would really like to know from you: Where were you when the first man landed on the moon? How did you experience the end of the Second World War? Did you storm into the streets during the student revolts of the sixties, or did you forge swords into ploughshares during the peace protests of the eighties?

The totally routine interests them as well: Did you move around a lot, and where have you lived? Where did you go for your first vacation? What did you learn in school, and how did you discover your vocation?

Here's how you can get involved: Send memories of this century as well as your wishes and hopes for the coming one. Dig through your letters and photo albums. School reports, poems, diaries, Super 8 or video film - everything that reflects a piece of your life intrigues us. You can also record your stories on audio cassette. From the memories they receive they are building a multi-media Internet memorial, which shows this century from your point of view. Please, join in!


Tookie's Corner
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Tookie's Corner

It's been said that prison can change a person, and it seems to have changed Stanley "Tookie" Williams, one of the original founders of the Crips. On death row since being convicted of four murders in 1981, Williams has written a book called "Life in Prison", designed to scare people off the assumption that prison is anything but a living hell.

He's also written a series of smaller books telling kids how to avoid trouble from gangs in their neighborhoods. While we can understand your hesitance to turn to a convicted killer for advice, the books have been praised by many reputable sources (including the American Library Association), and the proceeds from the sales go to nonprofit organizations.

Sea and Sky

This web site is dedicated to our last two great frontiers, and nothing fascinates people more than the splendors of the sea and the wonders of the universe. Here you will find impressive pictures and useful information about the endless depths of the sea and the infinite expanse of the universe. Sea and sky galleries, a tour through our solar system, as well as lots of games and links to other related sites, will surely give you some exciting and informative fun.

Sea and Sky
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The Digital Journalist
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The Digital Journalist

Renowned photojournalist Dirck Halstead was originally granted some server space by Hewlett Packard to exhibit his photos and test some of the company's visual imaging products. After hits to the site grew phenomenally, Halstead decided to turn his project into a webzine showcasing photos and photo-related articles from talents around the world.

His site bursts every month with fresh content --stories and photos-- and there is a huge archive with former issues too. It is a must see for anyone interested in photojournalism or who likes to look at pretty pictures.

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