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The Monthly Letter from the Editors

Welcome to the fourth issue of skyXtreme!

The new Millennium is almost here, and we can hardly believe we've already e-published four issues of skyXtreme! Our hope is that you've enjoyed the fresh content, interesting topics and links we've provided due to your submissions.

One of our holiday *wishes* is to receive more submissions from skydivers all around the world. As you may know, skyXtreme, is NOT just an American or German e-zine for skydivers but is a WORLDWIDE e-zine! We want to feature stories and articles from everyone and everywhere!

Happy New Year !
We do realize not every skydiver is English speaking, but here's a challenge for those in the English speaking world: We want to hear from all of our skydiving friends in places like Canada, U.K., South Africa, Ireland, Australia (where summer is just arriving), and, of course, all the countries in Europe! Send us your pictures, your stories, your information, so we can feature them in our e-zine! Our desire is to truly make skyXtreme INTERNATIONAL, and we cannot do it without your help.

Last, but certainly not least, this final edition of skyXtreme would not be complete without sending these thoughts out to all our friends around the globe:

This holiday season presents a glorious opportunity to remember that as skydivers and as human beings we are blessed. Skydiving has brought a smile to our lips, joy to our hearts, increased our endurance, made us look deeper, expanded our understanding, increased our compassion, tested our strength, fortified our commitment, and sometimes forced us to grow! It unceasingly reminds us of how precious life is and has taught us to treasure our relations--What a blessing!

We wish you the most wonderful holiday season and blue skies ahead as we soar together toward a new Millennium!

Blue skies and safe landings !

@nne heck
Trisha Riga


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