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Last Update:
January 7, 2000

Happy Y2K !
1999 skyXtreme/Graham Field


Boogie, Jump and Celebrate !

Put on your holiday skydive boogie shoes, get a jump on the new Millennium and check out all that this historic time of grand celebrations has to offer for skydiving boogies and events as we dive into the new century!

Don't miss a moment of the excitement as festivities are planned around the world to make the new Millennium the most memorable time of any skydiver's life! Whatever your preference--from night jumping against a backdrop of fireworks to jumping at the new Millennium's first dawning in New Zealand--this issue of skyXtreme presents every possibility to make your most fantastic new year's skydiving dream come true!

Drop zones from across the globe have organized events presenting a fantastic array of choices. There's something for everyone to boogie in the New Millennium in high-flying style!

The first Millennium jump will be at dawn on January 1, 2000.
A group of skydivers will leap from 12,000 feet over the international dateline into the Pacific Ocean, 800 miles from New Zealand. They intend to be the first to see the sunrise of the new millennium at 3.45 am NZ time, before the sun reaches Bay North Island in New Zealand. There at the "Millennium Boogie" at Lake Skydive in Tologa Bay the next skydivers in the "date zone line" will do their Millennium jumps.

In South Africa there will be a Millennium Boogie at Skydive Citrusdal, Western Cape. The night jumps on December 31, 1999 will be spectacular out of the MI8 and will be broadcast live on national and international television. The very next day there will be the first Boeing 727 jet jump ever held outside the USA over the length of the Citrusdal valley.

More north on the globe, skydivers from different countries will gather in the warmer parts of Europe to celebrate Christmas and the New Year with boogies in Ampuriabrava and Castellon in Spain and in Portimão in Portugal.

The really tough ones will join the Christmas Boogie of the "Pink Parachute Club" in the snow-covered mountains of the Alps, where --as every year-- the "Pink SkyVan" will bring up the jumpers to 12,000 feet.
Pink Skyvan

Quite a few drop zones in the southern and western states in the USA will be hosting a Christmas and Millennium Boogies. Skydive City in Zephyr Hills, Florida, is having a "Millennium Jump" at midnight, December 31, 1999. They will have a lottery at 4 pm, New Year's Eve, at the dropzone to decide on the 18 slots that they plan to use for the jump.

Skydive Houston will have a midnight jump during it's boogie starting at 11:59, and 30 sec. on December 31, then you can end your skydive at 12:00, and 30 sec. on January 1 and thereby, jumping from 1999 into the year 2000. Now that's a log book entry!

Skydive Daytona Beach will have a "Midnight Millennium Jump" onto the beach. And in South America our skydive friends are celebrating at Skydive El Portillo in the Dominican Republic, at Ubatuba Boogie, and at the New Year's Boogie in Resende in Brazil.

For some it's getting really, really cold! At the end of the world a group of 50 skydivers is going to do some great balloon jumps. Their trip starts in Punta Arenas in Chile from where they will fly to Patriots Hill in Antarctica for Millennium Jumps and a New Year's Celebration. They will have to share the Pole with another group of jumpers who will start their expedition on December 10 in Santiago, Chile. These jumpers are going to celebrate January 1, 2000 with an exciting and spectacular jump at the geographic South Pole. Their "jump ship" will be a superb, ski-equipped Basler 67-Turbo Aeroplane outfitted as a parachute jump plane.

Wherever you will go, wherever you will spend your skydiving holidays --if it's even on the smallest dropzone in the boondocks-- one thing is for sure, you will be having a great time with friends doing what you love most in this world.


You will find links to all the event's web sites
on our Millennium Special Page.

Happy Christmas ! Happy Holidays !
Have a good jump into the
Year 2000!

We wish the people all around the world a happy, healthy and peaceful Year 2000.

The Team from
skyXtreme/Skydive World

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