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Learn about upcoming competitions and championships worldwide. Check out the schedule of the month and get the latest results, stories and pictures.
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The Para-Performance ProCup Meet - June 7-10, 2001
Submitted by the Extreme Canopy Pilot's Association

A Para-Performance Pro Blade "ProCup Meet" will take place at Perris Valley Skydiving in California. The Pro Cup will consist of three, three-round events, in which the PPPB has prepared some of the most challenging, competitive and safest canopy courses in the sport. The competition will consist of a speed, accuracy and distance event. There will be no overall winners of combined events at this meet.

Para-Performance Pro Blade

Each event will be treated like an individual competition with it's own winners. The top three winners of each event will receive PPPB medals and all first place winners will receive a cash prize. In addition, all pilots competing at PPPB competitions will earn a rank in the speed, accuracy & distance category. This rank will accurately reflect the positions of all the PPPB competitions in which the canopy pilot participates.
Two hot topics within the PPPB association are finalized for the new competition season.
#1- The Para-Performance Pro Blade staff will allow a canopy pilot to switch canopies between events. However, switching canopies between rounds of a single event is strictly prohibited.
#2- a hard shell helmet is required for all canopy pilots at PPPB competitions. Competitors are free to choose the type of helmet worn (full-face, skate, motoX, ect), but it must have a hard outer surface. Competitors who negotiate a course without a helmet will be issued the lowest possible score for that round. A second helmet violation by a competitor will justify disqualification from that competition.
The PPPB Pro Cup meet in June and the PPPB World Games in November will both include an intermediate event. The intermediate event will take place prior to the Pro events and are required for all new or unclassified canopy pilots requesting a slot as a Pro competitor.
-Pro competitor registration $70 total (three events) -Intermediate competitor registration $20 total (one event) Pre-registration is required for all competitors wanting to confirm a Pro slot.
For more information contact the Extreme Canopy Pilot's Association, operated by Lyle Presse, at 561-589-2878 or email
The Para-Performance Pro Blade staff will hold a competition training camp at Perris Valley Skydiving one week prior to the Pro Cup competition. From June 1-6th the staff will provide a complete training package. The cost of the training camp will be $20 a day plus the cost of your hop & pops. The PPPB will provide a variety of Airblade courses and video services of your every swoop over the pond. Coaches will be available for debrief and all other related discussions. In addition, the Evolution Canopy Flight School will provide instruction on basic aerodynamics, design parameters, flight environment, high performance flight training & more!
All canopy pilots may attend on any day of the training camp. Intermediate canopy pilots who successfully complete (and qualify) three or more days of the training camp may be considered for an open slot (if available) in a Pro event. Come on out and build your skills during the PPPB high performance canopy training camp located at Perris Valley's swoop park!

More information and a printable registration form as MS Word document
Course descriptions and graphics as MS Word document

The Speed Course

The Speed Course: The speed course (also over the pond) will be a minimum of 180 feet in length (with a curve) and consist of at least eight Airblade gates. Competitors must score the entry gate (To score a gate: some part of the pilot's body must pass below the imaginary line connecting the top of the Airblade gates) and then fly through the course, to the exit gate, in the fastest time possible. A penalty of five seconds will be added to a competitor's time for each contact (body or canopy) made with an Airblade while negotiating the course. A competitor may be penalized for a blade strike of the exit gate even if their time has stopped. Competitors who come up short in the course will be allowed to "kite" their canopy through to the exit gate for a timed run, but the canopy must not make contact with the surface and blade strikes still apply.

The Distance Course

The Distance Course: The distance course (also over the pond) will be a minimum of 300 feet in length and consist of at least eight Airblade gates. Unlike distance events at previous competitions, the PPPB Pro Cup meet will require competitors to touch the surface (water) prior to entering the course at the first gate. Competitors are not required to drag their feet through the distance course. Instead, competitors should only make a brief, light contact with the water signaling the start of their run. This distance competition has been formatted to challenge the competitor to a true horizontal swoop across the surface instead of initiating the run 20 feet up in the entry gate. A competitor's run, measured in feet, will be their score for each round. The total distance of all three rounds will be the competitor's overall score. Even though there are no blade strike penalties for this event all competitors are required to stay within the boundaries of the course (defined by Airblades) in order to receive a score.

The Accuracy Course

The Accuracy Course: The accuracy course consist of a "quad" entry gate (four-4 ft mini Airblades), two line gates and eleven parameter gates. Competitors are required to score the quad entry gates and then fly through the line gates (floating on the pond) to the parameter gate of their choice. The parameter gates are arranged so that competitors may carve left or right and still have the opportunity to accumulate the same amount of points. The center (neutral) parameter gate is worth 6 points and the five gates on each side of it are worth 12, 23, 33, 42 & 50 points, in that order. A competitor's body must pass or "score" the parameter gate in which they are attempting to negotiate prior to their first point of contact with the ground (not the water) in order to receive points for that gate. Competitors may also accumulate points for dragging one or both feet, on the water, through the quad & line gates floating on the pond. Competitors will have 5 points deducted from their score for each contact they make (body or canopy) with any Airblade in the course. Competitors who score all the quad & line gates on the pond and successfully score the outer most parameter gate (50pts), with no penalties, will be given the maximum of 100 points for that round.

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