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What would a skydiver's life be without all those great boogies and meets around the world? Let us show you the special ones every month and some great Drop Zones around the world.
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Marvin's Boogie
May 18-20, 2001

Join the fun at Marvin's Boogie at Skydive Tennessee in McMinnville, Tennessee. Since 1992, Marvin Smith and his dedicated staff of professionals have put on one of the most spectacular events in middle Tennessee...the biannual "Marvin's Boogie" which attracts jumpers from all over the area, and involves bringing in specialty aircraft.

Marvin's Boogie

This year they have the Skyvan from DeLand which brings 20 jumpers to 14,000 feet in ten minutes. They'll also have three hot-air balloons (including one that can carry 16 people), a Stearman biplane, an outdoor wind tunnel, a Bell JetRanger helicopter, spectator rides, and a fantastic air show! But a boogie wouldn't be a boogie without great food, music, and entertainment. Even if you're not interested in jumping, Marvin's Boogie always attracts a large crowd of spectators who return every year to watch the fun. For more information contact Marvin Smith at or check out Skydive Tennessee's website.


BASE Meet in Italy
May 5-6, 2001

A International BASE Meeting will be held at Monte Brento in Trento, Italy. BASE Jumper who want to jump at Monte Brento will have to follow some rules.
- They need a skydiving licence and at least 300 jumps, 100 of them must have been made in the past months.

Photo  2001 Yuri Kuznetsow

- They must have performed at least 15 BASE jumps or they need to make practice jumps under the control of an avowed instructor. To jump at other sites of the Trentino area they must have made 50 BASE jumps.
- They must use specific BASE equipment. It is forbidden to use original or modified sports parachutist equipment.
- It is forbidden to jump under adverse weather conditions or when the wind is blowing more than 2m/sec.
- They must always do a check in and check out procedure with accompaniers or with a local carabineer station.
- They must follow certain freefall times, also in relation to the equipment they use. 7 - 8 seconds for vertical freefall (box position) or 7 - 11 seconds in tracking position.
- On exit they have to move with extreme caution, avoid stone falling and take care of the environment, and not leaving trash.
- Do not jump during the night
For more information check out


"Boogie for Friends" in Cuba
June 30-July 16, 2001

For the fifth year, a group of Belgium skydivers is organizing a boogie in Cuba. This "Boogie for Friends" will take place June 30-July 16, 2001, at the Centro Internacional de Paracaidismo in Varadero.
Enjoy skydives with landings on the beautiful beaches of tropical Cuba with white sand, blue skies and clear blue sea! The legendary AN-2 will bring jumpers up to 11,000 feet for US $20. Even an Mi-17 will be flying for groups of 25 skydivers. Landings on the beach in front of the hotel and a jump on to Cayo-Largo, a beautiful tropical Island in the deep blue Caribbean sea, will be possible on demand. And there will be no registration fees!
For more information contact Orlando Gurrra (speaks English) at or email Eddy at

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