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Photo © 2001 Martijn van Dam
Photo © 2001 Martijn van Dam


Wings Around The World

Skydiver Polly Vacher from Great Britain learned to fly (this time in a plane!) in 1994. Since then, Polly has been active in and supportive of flying for disabled people. Earlier this year, Polly began her record breaking attempt to fly a single-engine aircraft around the world and endow an annual flying scholarship for a disabled person. Polly's aircraft, a Piper Dakota, will be the smallest aircraft flown solo by a woman to circumnavigate the world via Australia and the Pacific.
Since earning her pilot's license, Polly and her husband Peter have been involved with "Flying Scholarships for the Disabled", and flying for disabled people in general. A most noteworthy accomplishment has been this pair's integral part in the development of hand controls for light aircraft. Flying seems to be in the family's blood, Polly's son Brian is the cameraman for the British Women's Skydiving Team VMAX.

In July 1997 Polly flew solo to America and back in her Piper Dakota. This was no doubt a precursor to her current endeavor undertaken in January of this year! Because of Polly's high interest in helping disabled people, those flights were dedicated to the Flying Scholarships and, in particular, to raising enough money to endow an annual scholarship, the Royal International Air Tattoo Flying Scholarships for the Disabled, 'forever'.

Polly Vacher
  Photo © 2001 worldwings.org

Flying Scholarships for the Disabled are intended to help disabled people in the U.K. rebuild their lives. Typically, a person's life has fallen apart after becoming severely disabled from an accident in the prime of their life, or perhaps they have under-achieved due to a disability from birth. Through a flying scholarship, they face an intellectual and physical challenge which, more than likely, they never remotely believed they could succeed. They gain in confidence and self-esteem. This can lead to them acquiring a job, maybe for the first time, and changing their lives for the better through their own accomplishment!

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