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Skydive Top Sites

Here we want to present some of the most interesting, provocative, colorful sites as our "Pearls on the Net". If you have created a unique, funny, informative page, or if you know of such a web page, please send us the URL so we can feature it here!
National Database of Aviation Events

A new service, found on the Web at, offers free-of-charge Internet based event notification and search service for pilots and other aviation enthusiasts.
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The site contains a huge nationwide database of aviation events and activities including local and national airshows and fly-ins, skydiving events, right down to hometown pancake breakfasts. The site also includes details of a wide range of other aviation-related events such as conferences, seminars and training, and a detailed listing of aircraft museums. offers users the ability to search its database of events by date, the types of events in which they are interested as well as the location of events. Another very interesting and useful service offered is an automatic e-mail notification service of new events as they are listed throughout the year on the site.
The site also offers organizers of fly-ins, airshows and events, no matter how big or how small, a way to quickly post and promote their event free of charge. Once posted, an event becomes immediately available to anyone using the service. is sponsored as a public service by, the leading cataloger of aviation and aviation history books.


Grrr's Skydiving Diary

Chris, a.k.a. Grrr, ushers you into his eclectic website with a welcome and then sends you off to explore with the words, "do what you know to be right". If you're a stand-up kind of dude or dudette, check out the extensive and delightful diaries of Chris's first 50 or so skydives.
Chris writes of his new- found sport: "My obligations and job duties, the other roles I take on, all became very-teeny-tiny from WAAAAY Up There. This skydiving wouldn't solve any big metaphysical dilemmas, but wow what a cosmically different perspective..."


Photo courtesy of
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It took UK skydiver Iain Firkins over a year of on-off effort to finish, and as he says, "it is nothing like my original idea, but finally I have finished my website.
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When he was at home feeling sorry for himself after breaking his ankle, he decided that to keep up his interest in the sport he would build a website based around skydiving. Initially, he wanted to convert the British Parachute Association's Operations Manual from Word documents to HTML for easy viewing so that anyone who had a question about the rules surrounding skydiving in the UK could easily look it up. From there, the idea evolved into providing a resource for anyone who wanted to skydive in the UK, covering all aspects from the first jump to the progression system to the dropzones themselves.
And so Iain has spent time converting the Ops Manual to HTML, obtaining photos from various people, researching dropzones, building information pages on AFF, RAPS and Tandem, and building the guestbook functionality from scratch. The result is a neat, fast loading website with lots of information, not only for skydivers in the UK. Check it out at

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