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On this page we feature whatever you can think of or what you might suggest to us. These suggestions can be about people, teams, drop zones, software, books, videos, games, and...and...

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Martijn van Dam - Cameraflyer

25-year-old cameraflyer Martijn van Dam of the Netherlands began skydiving in April 1997. He has made over 3,340 jumps--from jump 300, most of them with camera. Martijn lives near Skydive Teuge, his home DZ in the Netherlands, where he works full time as a skydive photographer and coach.
Martijn has made a lot of jumps in France, Australia and the USA. The Flyboys taught him the basics of freeflying in 1999. For the 2001 season, Skydive Teuge will still be Martijn's home DZ. He will be available for coaching in freeflying & cameraflying on demand all around Europe.


Martijn van Dam

Favorite cameraflying equipment for Martijn is a bonehead flat-top camera helmet mounted with a VX2000, CANON EOS50, Pentax 4x6, and in rare occasions with a film camera. He maintains that when you feel free in the air, you have time to be creative, to find special shots, and to forget how you are flying but making the shots that you want.

Photo © 2001 Martijn van Dam

Besides camera, other favorite disciplines are freeflying and speed skydiving. He is cameraman for the freefly team Air Pushers. They are currently training hard for the World Air Games 2001 in Spain. Martijn says, "Speed skydiving is fun, at my fourth speed skydiving jump in August 2000, I had a maximum speed of 474 KPH (measured with two Pro Tracks on my ankles)...I have to train some more, but I'm trying to break the 500 KPH barrier".

For Martijn, all disciplines are freefly. He says, "When you feel free in the air, not worrying too much, and not really busy with your own flying , than all flying is fun, without limits.. until 3,000 feet, after that my Icarus FX81 provides me with some after-fun!"
In January 2000, Martijn started his own company called Skydive Productions--an endeavor which keeps him busy year round. Through his company, he delivers footage for TV, commercials, events, photo libraries, etc. His last project, video compilation of the Dutch Nationals 2000, was very successful. He found some sponsors that donated goods and money to the event, so everybody that joined the 2000 Nationals received a free copy of his video!
With never an idle moment, his next production will be a video film with skydiving highlights personally photographed, and edited by Martijn. His girlfriend, Iris Tegelaar, also a skydiver and freeflyer, will help to produce and promote this release. You can find update's about this current project on Martijn's website. The expected release of this video will be at the end of the year.

Photo © 2001 Martijn van DamPhoto © 2001 Martijn van DamPhoto © 2001 Martijn van Dam

All photos © 2001 by Martijn van Dam

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