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There are always special events on the drop zones world wide. We'll try to figure them out for you and post them here. We also like to publish your stories and impressions of events, you just have to write them down and send them to us. Check back often, we'll update this page whenever we get the news.

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CF Spektakel 2001 in Europe
July 7-15, 2001

CF Spektakel stands for Europe's main event in Canopy Formation Skydiving. It has been organized annually since 1997 and has been growing steadily. The Paracentrum Teuge in Holland regularly hosts 40-50 participants from several countries and continents. This summer, once again, it will be held from July 7-15.

CF Spektakel 2001

CF Spektakel offers what you need for CF, whether you're an experienced CRW dog or a beginner. They have coaches/organizers, CF equipment, and CF video men available. The DZ offers brand-spanking new facilities, loads of lift capacity, bunkhouse (alternatively free camping), bar with skydiver meals at skydiver prices, rigging loft & shop next door. The best thing is that they are totally free to manage the CF activity. Like having you own playground!
CF Spektakel was first organized by Eric Schimmel and Marc Calluy in 1997. Out of love of the CF discipline they formed a cross-border Benelux Alliance to organize a unique CF event in Europe. They still do it for the same reason, but for this year the concept has been adapted to cater better for both beginners and experienced CRW dogs.

CF Spektakel
  Photo © 2001 CF Spektakel

In order to maintain a balance they have adapted the concept for CF Spektakel 2001. They are going back to their roots to serve both experienced and inexperienced jumpers, in their own way. So, what is going to change? They have noticed that the coaching needs from experienced jumpers are changing. Their technical skills, theoretical and safety knowledge have grown enormously over the past years. The coaches for more experienced jumpers will progress to be load organizers, organizing CF dives, putting the right people together and briefing/debriefing the dive.
They have been welcoming a steady flow of beginners at recent editions of CF Spektakel. That is a good thing, because they need new blood in this 'daring' discipline, and the CF Spektakel is the best place to start. They have very much knowledge concentrated in first place, canopies to use and a good atmosphere and other beginners to share your fears, experiences and reliefs with.

However, beginners do not require the same coaching and coaches as the experienced CF jumpers. Marc Calluy, Danny van Oosterwyck and Hans Schoeber are available for the beginners. They have been training hard with the French, both in technical and coaching/briefing skills.
As always the good things remain unchanged. If you jump with a coach/organizer you only pay half his ticket! Video men are plenty available and of course exit altitude will be 9.000 ft. at an unchanged Euro 14,00
The registration fee is going down. In the new concept their costs are considerably lower. They pass this advantage on to the participants. Registration fee for experienced jumpers (with their own equipment) will be Euro 23,00. This includes camping and Saturday night BBQ. Beginners without their own equipment pay Euro 69,00. For the 46,00 extra you can use a CRW canopy for an entire week.
For more information send an email to or check out their website at

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