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USPA Elections Special

[The "Write-Ins"]      [The Candidates]      [USPA BoD Statements]      [Bulletin]

The Regional "Write-In" Candidates
Statement Rusty A. Rahe - Mid-Eastern Region
I am running for the position of Mid-Eastern Regional Director as a Write-in Candidate. My reason for running is that I feel our region has not been properly represented. When is the last time you have seen a "Wings and Things" report from the Mid-Eastern Region, let alone seen our present representative at your local DZ?
I vow to visit every DZ in the region, all 4 States, Mich., Oh., Ind., and WV, over the period of a year, USPA and Non-USPA alike. Listen to the concerns of the people as well as the DZ owners and voice those opinions to the Board of Directors. All correspondence I have with USPA will be posted on a new page in our site and I can assure you no secrets will be kept.
I feel I am most qualified as I have NO financial gain in mind, in fact this position will cost me to visit each of the DZ's. I am strictly a fun jumper. More proof of this can be found in my long running site that has been funded by me to help keep the sport fun and informed for over three and half years. I also do not have the commitments of a DZ owner and can devote many hours to this endeavor.
I also believe there are many types of activities that need attention, such as the practice of using Parachutist Magazine strictly for the candidates selected by a three member USPA board panel. I believe all candidates should have the right to advertise with a specific size ad as to not show favoritism to a candidate with a financial advantage. I also believe that all candidates should have to pay for that ad whether on the ballot or not and not burden the cost to the USPA Members as it presently does.
Those of you who have known me for the past seven plus years know me to be a hard working individual. I have given my life to this sport in more ways than one, even at the risk of losing credibility, friends, money and I now ask that you forgive my verbal assaults of the past as it has hurt me mentally to be the bad guy, as much as it has hurt you to hear. I will still be persistent in my efforts to help the smaller DZ owners get a fair shake.
I have realized that the way to go about fighting for a cause must be done in a more objective logical manner and to accomplish this I will engage my companion Nicole, who is very well versed and knows how to say the most without a three page letter.
The USPA Board of Directors Candidates I will endorse, though I may not agree with 100% of what some stand for or who they endorse I feel the following people can make a difference for a better USPA.
1. Mike Mullins (Write-in) - Knows what skydivers want, he has over 3800 jumps as well as 22,000 flight hours etc., etc.
2. Winsor Naugler (ballot) - Intends to represent the Recreational Skydiver
3. Roger Nelson (ballot) - Innovative with a clear-cut plan.
4. Judy Miracle (ballot) - A fresh new un-tainted face.
5. Steve Noonan (ballot) - Will fight for continued use of airspace and airports.
You can call me with any questions at 330-334-1226 or toll free at 1-866-GONNABE Or via e-mail at
Rusty A. Rahe USPA # 100396

Statement BT Taylor & Kevin Pine- Northwest Region
More information on BT Taylor and Kevin Pine can be found on the Northwest Region's website at

Statement Burke Fitzpatrick - Mid-Atlantic Region
I respectfully ask for your write-in vote for Mid-Atlantic Regional Director.
If you want to have a say in USPA decisions, I'l be there to listen to your opinion, in person. As a regular jumper, I'm interested in what benefits you - like keeping the government off your back and keeping jump prices low... like keeping the rating system simple, asking for your opinion before regulations are imposed... looking at safety first, but then keeping the fun factor in!
USPA and our region are at a crossroads. It is a new century and a new millennium. Let's get a fresh start. Let's adopt policies that support our DZ owners (the folks who stick their necks and wallets out so we can jump every weekend). And what about our BASE friends? Isn't it time to approach our brothers in the BASE community and come together?
Belly flyer, head down, free flyer, board, bird, CReW dog, gonzo hard core, low time jumper...we are all family.
I respectfully ask that you write in a vote for me. I'll thank you in-person at your DZ.
Burke Fitzpatrick
Columbia, South Carolina
D-8367; 4200 jumps; First Jump 1978; PRO; S&TA; CRW - Bad Wrap Team (Ret.); Tandem 600 jumps; Former small DZ owner/operator; S/L Instructor; NCCS# 149; Birdman - 3 jumps; POPS, Muff Brother; BASE Jumps 36; Demo team since 1983.

[The "Write-Ins"]      [The Candidates]      [USPA BoD Statements]      [Bulletin]

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