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Here you can find the latest news, which will reach us during the current month. Short and crunchy. Got news? Mail'm!
 [Updated: November 30, 1999]          Page 1 - for more news see Page 2.

16-way Team Tryouts Session # 1

The first round of tryouts for the Skydive USA 16-way team will be held December 4-5, 1999. Serious candidates only. 200 jump commitment from January 1st to the Nationals. They are located 45 minutes from downtown Houston on Highway 59 south in Wharton.

Professional coaching will be employed, and several multi-day camps are currently being scheduled. Everyone is welcome to tryout, regardless of previous competition experience. Team selection will be objective based on skill, potential, attitude, and commitment. If you cannot attend session #1, please contact Chuck Akers for the next scheduled session.

RW Team Members Wanted

Skydive USA near Houston, TX, is currently looking for team members for our 4, 8, and 16-way teams for the 2000 season. Team members will be selected based on the following criteria: Attitude, Air skills potential, Financial and logistical ability to commit

The team will be comprised of 16 players, 2 alternates, 1 video. Team members must have the ability to commit to no less than 200 jumps between January 1, 2000 and the Nationals. The team will compete at the 2000 Nationals in 16-way, 8-way (X2) and 4-way (X4).

This is a serious project. Professional coaches will be employed at specific intervals during training, and the team will compete locally and regionally during the season. While air skills are part of the selection criteria, skydivers with potential, desire and a positive team attitude are encouraged to try out regardless of experience. Tryouts are currently being scheduled.

Potential team members should contact Chuck Akers as soon as possible at or call 281-561-JUMP.

1999 POPS 100-Way Record

On November 5th-7th, more than 100 skydivers over the age of forty assembled at Skydive Arizona in Eloy to break the existing POPS freefall record of 91 set in Perris, 1998. And they did it! They completed a 100-Way Skydive. Congratulations to all participants!
Check out Skeff's web site for photos.

Guinness Book World Record for the Special Olympics

Jay Stokes, the Guinness Book World Record holder for the most consecutive jumps in a 24-hour period will attempt to break his own record on 12th and 13th November, starting at 8:00 AM at the Somerton Arizona Airport. Jay will attempt to surpass his curent world record of 384 jumps. Jay plans to make 450 jumps.

The purpose of this event is to raise money for the Special Olympics and at the same time, inform the public what a positive impact this program has on the lives of the Special Olympics Athletes, their families, and communities. Jay hopes to raise $50,000. Donations are appreciated. For more information please visit Jay's web site.

NEWS! [11/14/99] - Jay Stokes has set a new world record for the most jumps in a 24 hour period. Jay jumped an amazing 476 times from no lower than 2000 feet agl. The support staff said that having to fuel the Porter and send Jay up in a Cessna slowed the pace or he could have made over 500 jumps in the 24 hour period.

Professional Skydivers of America

A new organization was founded by Georg Rabe, the "Professional Skydivers of America,". PSA is a nonregulatory, fraternal organization, dedicated to promotion of the sport of skydiving and developing communication between professional skydivers.
Check out PSA's website for more information.

Australian Formation Record

A new Australian formation skydiving record has been set. An 81-way was held for 9.5 seconds at the World Cup in Corowa, Australia. A review with pictures can be found at

POPS World Meet Video

Jan Davis' video of the POPs Meet can now be ordered. It has lots of great skydives plus scenes from the parade and bar-b-q, the awards banquet, the 4 way scrambles, accuracy and hit & rock. The cost of this video is a paltry $20 plus $3.00 shipping for 60 minutes of great memories!

You can order a copy by sending checks or money orders to Birdwalk Enterprises, PO Box 1555, Hollister, CA 95024. We also accept VISA/Mastercard (there is a $3.00 charge for credit card orders), and you can order by credit card by calling 831-637-4047.

Carolina Sky Sports

Most of you will recall the fire that the folks down at Carolina Skysports had earlier this year which took out a major portion of their ground operation. I was down there this past weekend with some friends and I have to say that Paul, Nancy and the rest of the folks at CSS have really out done themselves.

This past weekend they had the "grand re-opening" hosting a variety of events from big way sequentials to a freefly festival as well as a CRW Camp. The new place is in a word FANTASTIC. The have really gone out to put in a new first class facility. The new place has a large carpeted indoor packing area, as well as an area that will have covered outdoor packing. They have also included new class room areas as well as a new gear shop. In addition, they are in the process of completing a new hardwood observation deck for spectators. There are still some things that need completing but when everything is completed, look out! All this and great skydiving too! Congratulations to everyone at CSS and thanks for the hospitality.

From: Rob M. on the rec.skydiving newsgroup

Orbit Punk School Of Fly

The Orbit Punks Freefly Team has now moved onto the Skydive Sebastian campus. The Orbit Punks have replaced Olav Zipser and his school of modern freeflying on the DZ. The Orbit Punks have opened the "Orbit Punks School of Fly" and will provide all the freefly coaching and organizing on the Sebastian DZ. The Orbit Punks will also be scheduling various events this season, these events will range from Airblade swooping, freefly Festivals, to Freefly Camps.

The next scheduled event for Skydive Sebastian and the Orbit Punks is on Nov 11-14 1999 at Marathon, in the Florida Keys. The Orbit Punks will be load organizing the freeflyers for the jumps onto this beautiful island. They will have free beer and food for the party Saturday night and naked runs down the beach for those who wish to participate (Texas style).

Bridge Day Video
In its 7th year, LEMMMINGS brings you your jump at Bridge Day on video. The raw footage was shown at the party on Saturday night at the Holiday Inn. If you saw your jump on the Big Scream TV there, it will be on the final tape.

Information about LEMMINGS is available at Listed there are updates for shipping status, prices, address, etc.

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