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Here you can find the latest news, which will reach us during the current month. Short and crunchy. Got news? Mail'm!
 [Updated: November 18, 1999]          Back to Page 1

News from "The Ranch" in Gardiner, NY
from: Guy Wright on the rec.skydiving newsgroup

Due to the great weather we've been having this season, we will be keeping 2 Super Otters till sometime in November.

November 11 is Veterans Day Special. Vets jump for $10

December 11 is the Ranch Xmas Party. Open to all active club members and a guest. Party will be up at Bill Richard place. Lenny and the Jets, free food and drinks. Check out The Ranch's web site.

Photos and Videos from Quincy 1999

Many skydivers set up websites with their photos from the Freefall Convention 1999 in Quincy/Illinois. Have a look at the following pages, there surely are some real pearls. Enjoy!

"It's Our Park Too" Access Fund

Jan Davis died during a protest intended to try to open our parks to legal BASE. Fred Morelli is one of the people leading that fight, primarily by defending BASE jumpers. All we need is one legal decision that states that BASE is (legally) no different than hang gliding and we have a legal precedent. And _that_ will be a big step forward.

Problem is, he's going broke doing it. He doesn't get paid (BASE jumpers tend to have no money) and his other cases don't quite make up for the cash drain. He needs help. If you want to help him out, send what you can to:

"It's Our Park Too" Access Fund
Cliff Jumpers Assoc. of America
C/O Fred Morelli
PO Box 1416
Aurora IL 60507

I heard him speak at this year's bridge day, and talked to him a little bit. We need more people like him - good lawyers who know the system and who believe in the cause. Please help him out if you can.

From: -bill von - posted on the rec.skydiving newsgroup.

Gotha Glacier Aquires SkyVentureTM Skydiving Attraction for Anaheim
Press release: October 21, 1999; SkyVenture; Orlando, Florida.

A SkyVenture state-of-the-art wind tunnel/skydiving simulator has been purchased by the Gotcha Glacier for its futuristic, 490,000 square foot surfing, skiing, and indoor skydiving park. The complex will open on the grounds of the Anaheim Stadium in early 2001. Bill Kitchen, CEO of SkyVenture said that contract was now firm, and that the design phase of the project had already begun. Delivery of the materials is scheduled for fall of 2000, and completion of the project will coincide with the completion and opening of the Gotcha Glacier early in 2001.

Gotcha Glacier will be the first indoor snowboard and surf park in the United States. The 100 million dollar facility will house two snowboard half-pipes, a snowboard terrain park, a surf and water park, an ice skating rink and SkyVenture, as well as a number of restaurants, bars, and retail outlets. The SkyVenture wind tunnel will be open for every one of all ages to experience the sensation of Skydiving freefall without having to leave the ground.

"This will be a fantastic opportunity to introduce Skydiving to the masses, said Kitchen. Gotcha Glacier expects that around 100,000 patrons will participate in the SkyVenture attraction during the first year. This is a fantastic opportunity for SkyVenture, and for the sport of Skydiving."

Glacier sports plans to open similar facilities in a number of major markets in the US, and all of them are slated to include SkyVenture. The first SkyVenture attraction is located on International Drive in Orlando, Florida. If you have any further questions or would like more information on the SkyVenture, skydiving simulator please contact:

SkyVenture, Inc. Bill Kitchen CEO
Phone 407-566-9076

Stolen Rig !!!

The following rig has been stolen at The Ranch Parachute Club in Gardiner, NY, please be on the look-out! Here are the descriptions and the serial numbers:

  • brand new solid black javelin xrs with stainless steel everywhere, red piping on the pop top, a small scuff mark on the reserve flap and a noticably long harness for a tiny rig. - s# - 16472
  • bright red 95 jedei sweptwing with yellow airlocks and a little yellow on both end cells. toggles set high and tight. an "apb" has been forwarded to emt's and emergency rooms. - s#- 1133
  • 113 pdreserve -s # - 11317887
  • expert cypress - s# - 10f0616362d0

If anybody comes across this rig, please would you contact Bruce -

Angel Falls 2000 BASE Jumping Expedition
Saturday, January 29, 2000 to Friday, February 4, 2000

Tom Sander's trip to the Angel Falls was full before the advertisements came out. Now he and Aerial Focus are considering taking a second group. Anyone interested in starting the year 2000 off with a BASE jumping expedition to the tallest waterfall in the world in Venezuela should visit their web site at or e-mail Tom.

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