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On this monthly page we feature whatever you can think of or what you might suggest to us. These suggestions can be about people, teams, drop zones, software, books, videos, games, and...and...

Joe Jennings

If you've lived and breathed in the skydiving world then surely you have heard of Joe Jennings and his top-notch camera flying skills. Joe Jennings is one of the best in the biz! Check out his website to find a fascinating collection of photos and stories about his many different and unusual camera flying stints!

From the flying goose to car crashes to former President George Bush's recent jump--you will find that Joe's witty and interesting narratives add a wonderful and charming garnishing touch to the photographic examples of his excellent work.


Photo by Joe Jennings
© 1999 Joe Jennings

The site is jam-packed with photos, photos, photos! And Joe doesn't stop there. He also dishes up some streaming videos and animated gifs which are free to use on one's own site as long as due credit is given back to Joe. If you're looking for great skydiving content, you can't do better than!

First aeroclub in the Middle East

Umm Al Quwain Aeroclub in the United Arab Emirates is the first sports aviation club in the Middle East, providing opportunities for aviation enthusiasts to fly and train throughout the year at excellent rates. Activities offered at the club are flying, skydiving, paramotors and microlights. Located near the sea, the Club has modern facilities, which include two runways, eight spacious hangars with engineering services, a storeroom and a briefing and video-room.

Dropzone from above
© 1999 Berndt Hybner

© 1999 Berndt Hybner
The club also operates a school, offering tandems, courses in AFF and microlight aircraft pilot courses. Special rates are available for professional teams.

You can contact the club:
By email at:
By phone: ++ 971-6-7681447
By Fax: ++ 971-6-7681393
Web site:

Atmosphere Dolphin Licence

Take your "Atmosphere Dolphin Licence" at "The First School Of Modern Skyflying" in Florida. The Atmosphere Dolphin (AD) tests were developed by Olav Zipser as a way of establishing a certain level of freeflying proficiency. It involves the use of a "Space Ball" which falls at a constant rate and therefore provides a good reference frame in freefall. There are four licenses, A through D, all developed by Zipser who holds AD A, B, and C licenses #1. Having passed the "A" license test is a minimum requirement to participate in the "Space Games", a freefly competition organized by Zipser.

The "A" test involves diving out after the ball (which is thrown by a ballmaster), catching it, releasing it, and doing a transition around one of the 3 axis (cartwheel, 360, or back/frontloop). Then the jumper has to grab the ball again, release it, and do a different transition. The jumper gets the ball and holds onto it. The B test is the same but involves more transitions. The C and D tests involve two balls. Freeflying
© 1999 Bart Naert
Catch the Ball!
© 1999 Bart Naert
Mike Swanson became the 1st American to successfully complete the Atmosphere Dolphin C Licence test. Earning AD C Licence #2 and Steve Utter was right in there as American #2 earning his AD C licence #3. Ippo Fabbi earned his AD B Licence # 11 and became the 1st Italian AD C licence holder earning AD C licence #4.
On September 12th 1999, at Skydive America Palm Beach Sefania Martinego of Italy became the first woman in the world to complete and pass her AD B-licence test. Stefania earned AD B Licence #10 making her number 10 in the world overall.

For more information on the AD Licence call Skydive America Palm Beach at 561-924-2020 or 1-877-FREEFLY or send an email to

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