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Last Update:
November 30, 1999

Angel Falls


Goodbye to the Queen of Angel Falls

Jan Davis died on October 22, 1999 while making a BASE jump from El Capitan at the Yosemite National Park in California. Her jump was intended as a protest to try to open our parks to legal BASE.

A Message from Jan Davis' Family

Jan's life was truly a celebration: a celebration of love, passion, daring, and adventure. Life didn't pass her by; she lived every moment to the fullest.

Jan's family would like you to remember her as the vivacious, radiant, and glowing human being that she was. There wasn't a moment when she was not savoring life and encouraging others to share this enthusiasm with her. Once Jan learned the gift of flight, it was always hard for her to return to earth. We know in our hearts that she is soaring.

Tom Sanders would like to thank all of you who have sent him your good thoughts. There were a lot of us who loved her dearly. Everyone whose life she touched was imbued with her infectious glow, the light of which will always stay in our hearts.

Jan's ashes will be dispersed (along with those of her long-time companion Elizabeth, a pet who recently passed away) during a memorial skydive at Lake Elsinore on November 6, 1999. These ashes will also be scattered over the world's tallest waterfall, a final tribute to the Queen of Angel Falls.

Tom came upon the following words written by Jan, words which better express the way she lived life than any of us can:

"I believe life is about action and passion, and you truly can't begin to live life until you overcome your fear of dying."    Jan Davis - 1941-1999

Check out the Aerial Focus website for a tribute to Jan and our events page for more information on the memorial dive.

Jan Davis
© 1999 Tom Sanders

Jan Davis makes her 10th jump off Angel Falls. She was the first woman in the world to jump here. Photograph taken in freefall by her husband Tom Sanders making his 21st jump off Angel Falls.

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