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This page will provide you with the latest news from the SSI Pro Tour.

So wattaya do once ya get that X Games Skysurf Gold Medal?

If your name is Troy Hartman, you take your Skysurf Gold Medal from the 1997 X Games (won with CF Vic Pappadato) and parlay it into a gig as the in plane reporter at the 1999 X Games, and with a little luck, you snag a spot as the host of your very own MTV series in Hollywood! Congrats Troy boy!

The Pilot Episode of Senseless Acts Of Video debuts Saturday November 13, 2:00PM - 2:30PM ET on MTV, repeated 10:30PM - 11:00PM ET. Additional episodes in production now, for later broadcasts TBA.


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X Games move to August 2000

ESPN has announced they will be moving the event and telecast dates of the 2000 X Games to the second/third week of August. The event will be held in the greater San Francisco Bay area for the second year. According to the official announcement, the move is an initiative designed to increase viewing levels of the X Games telecasts based on the following assumptions:

1.) There will be greater interest to view the X Games as a sports event which culminates the summer as compared to kicking it off.

2.) A more effective promotional campaign for the X Games can be designed and executed over the course of the summer, as opposed to the spring, when school is still in session.

3.) ESPN has higher profile programming in August that can be utilized as a promotional platform for the X Games.

For details, pictures and videos in both, Quick Time and Streaming Real G2, go to



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