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This page will be updated at least once a week with the latest news from the National Skydive League. Special thanks to Kurt Gaebel, founder of the league and webmaster of its web site.

November 18, 1999

Tim Wagner took position in the discussion regarding the future of the competition format and the rules for Formation Skydiving. Tim is working as the general manager at Skydive Arizona. He is also running Omniskore with his twin brother Ted Wagner, and he is an FAI judge at the world meets and world cups, as well. Tim has been involved in the discussion from the very beginning and never left a doubt about the way he is thinking. But this is the first time that he went really public with his visions of the future of the sport:

"As I catch up on my Real Job work at Skydive Arizona and my Have Fun job at home (OmniSkore and the Nationals video), I am giving a great deal of thought to the state of my favorite sport of formation skydiving and the direction in which it is headed.

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Alas, not all is well in The Land of Turning Points. It is time, I believe, to issue a call to arms among competition formation skydivers. We need our voices to be heard, and we need to speak as one. I implore you all to think about what I have to say in my little rant here, and I will gather all your feedback and post it here, as well as forward it to the competition committee at USPA."

The colorful and interesting reminder of the statement from one of the most experienced judges and skydiving professionals in the world is posted at

November 9, 1999

The Ranch Skydiving League champion Ranch Air Traffic gave DeLand Genesis an exciting race into the very last round of the National Skydiving League Championship 1999. The Florida Skydiving League champion ended up 0.02 seconds ahead of the RATs after the two final rounds. Both teams cruised through the two rounds of the quarterfinals and the two rounds of the semifinals without any problems. Texas Convergence beat Missouri Nemesis 10-7 for the bronze medal. All scores, more information and images will be posted at the NSL 1999 competition page.

November 1, 1999

The league champion teams that are invited to this years National Skydiving League Championship will be spoiled again. Thanks to the sponsors, the NSL headquarters will be able to cover most of the expenses for the teams. The competition jumps for the eight league champions are all paid for. The teams will be accommodated for free at the Quality Inn DeLand for the duration of the competition, and there will be no registration fees, not even for the few guest teams. The Omniskore service will be covered, and finally, the teams will be invited to a championship dinner banquet on Saturday night at Pondo's Restaurant.

Of course, there will be a trophy for the winning team and medals for the the best three teams in the NSL Championship Class and in the Open Class, as well. The NSL will also produce a 30-minute TV show covering only this event. The show will be aired at the end of November with the Sunshine Network, the FOX Sports Network affiliate in Florida. The exact date will be posted early in advance.

Skydive DeLand is hosting the event. On Saturday November 6, the teams will perform six qualification rounds. Sunday, November 7, is the championship day. The shooting for the NSL-TV will take place on Sunday. The NSL headquarters is looking forward to an exciting event.

November 1, 1999

Skydive Elsinore is running a "Team Networking Week" in December. This camp will be an opportunity for everybody to find team mates for the upcoming inaugural season of the West Coast Skydiving League. Serious fun jumpers and seasoned competitors will have the chance to network, jump, and share information with their peers. The purpose and goal of the week is to bring together a pool of talented skydivers who are looking to meet and jump with potential teammates in an environment designed to help people build teams for the upcoming training year. Participants will be mixed and match people based on experience, skill and requests to produce efficient and fun groups. Former Airspeed member and Elsinore Alpha mentor John Hamilton will lead the coaching staff with Pat McGowan, Todd Hawkins, Tom Allen, Allan Brooks. The coaches will organize, jump with the participants, and give nightly seminars.

Topics of the nightly seminars will include:

  • How to build a team
  • What to look for in teammates
  • Developing a team training plan
  • When to use coaching effectively

The "Team Networking Week" will take place at Skydive Elsinore, December 3-5 (Friday-Sunday). For more information and registration, contact John Hamilton:

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11/6-7/99 National Skydiving League Skydive DeLand NSL Championships 1999

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