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Here you can find the latest news, which will reach us during the current month. Short and crunchy. Got news? Mail'm!


Season opened at Arizona Skydiving Coolidge

Arizona Skydiving Coolidge began its season Saturday, December 4, 1999. It will be open every weekend December 1999 through April 2000 and open every day during their Holiday Boogie from December 24, 1999 through February 15, 2000.

Arizona Skydiving is the winter home of Mike Mullins' Super King Air, the guaranteed fastest climbing jump ship in the country. For $10 it takes 14 jumpers to 13,000 feet in less than 7 minutes and it is air conditioned and heated. Arizona Skydiving Coolidge is owned and operated by Mike Mullins and associates.

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VX3 Team Freefly Coaching

Skydive USA is pleased to announce the formation of their new freefly team, VX3 Team Freefly! Team members Derek Curtiss and Sean Simon will be coaching and training exclusively at Skydive USA!

Ready to try freeflying, but don't want to spend major bucks just to taste the vertical world? Then they've got a promotion for you! Coach jumps are just $39, including training, jumps, video, and post jump review. VX3 even has the DZO standing on his head, and they can do the same for you! Limited time offer.

VX3 will be heading up the DZ's hardcore freefly schedule that will include seminars, freefly fests, and one-on-one training programs featuring some of the biggest names in freeflying today. For more information contact Chuck Akers at 281-561-JUMP or by email.

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CSPA Memberships Online Available

The Canadian Sport Parachute Association [CSPA] now offers online membership application and membership renewal. Membership dues are accepted via credit card. Rating renewals cannot be updated online, however, information changes, in particular, address changes, can be submitted with no fee.

To use this feature, check out the "online section" at of their website. An email address is required for identification and is used to send back confirmation(s) of online submissions. If you have any questions or problems with this process, contact

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New Florida Student Dropzone

The "Original Skydive America" has relocated from Texas to Immokalee, Florida. There are plenty of DZ's in Florida, but very few cater exclusively to the student jumper. So students are the priority of the owners, who have been in the skydiving business for over 21 years. The dropzone is not big (yet) and doesn't have much to offer the experienced jumper but, of course, all jumpers are welcome. They are located on the Immokalee Regional Airport, 32 miles East of both Ft. Myers and Naples. They have a C-182, an air conditioned indoor packing room, and one gigantic landing area. For more information call 1-888-447-JUMP or (941) 596-6761 or send an email to Stewart and Mary.

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Space Games Photos

Tony Suits now has photos from the last Space Games in Florida on it's site.
Check it out at

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Finally there is a movie theater where you can talk. Chat with other people watching the videos at You need a fast connection to really fly, Shockwave Flash, Internet Explorer 4 and the latest Windows Media Player. Unfortunately, Netscape does not yet work.

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"The Ranch" Xmas Party

December 11 is the Christmans Party at The Ranch Skydiving Club in New York. Open to all active club members and a guest. Party will be up at Bill Richard's place. "Lenny and the Jets" will be performing, and there will be free food and drinks.

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Stolen Gear!!!

The following gear was stolen Sunday night, November 28, 1999 from a parked vehicle in "The Golden Coral" parking lot in Norman, Oklahoma.

X-Large, black "Square One" gear bag with monogrammed "Percy"
Container: Javelin J-1, s/n 9196, black with royal blue trim, excellent condition.
Reserve: Tempo 170, s/n 58055, white.
Main: Sabre 135, s/n LS-135 0137512 Colors on the main are: royal blue, white, blackberry, blackberry, white, blackberry, blackberry, white, royal blue
Camera Helmet: "Para-Mount" System 3 with Norton ring sight
Camera: Sony 8mm, model TR67, s/n 107191
Miscellaneous: Altimaster 2, s/n Unknown (Attached to Camera Helmet), Altimaster 3, s/n 105916, Altimaster 5, s/n 3192, Standard "Dytter" s/n Unknown
Jump Suit: "Body Sport" red, white, blue with black
Spandex camera suit: generic, black
And all other assorted gear (goggles, packing mat, etc.)

The owner is offering a reward to the person or persons who can help recover his gear (no questions asked). If you have any information please contact:
Percy McGee at (405) 236-0271
Paradise Parachute (405) 288-6728
Email Kevin -
Thanks & Blue Skies!

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Stolen Rig !!!

The following rig has been stolen at The Ranch Parachute Club in Gardiner, NY, please be on the lookout! Here are the descriptions and the serial numbers:

  • Brand new solid black Javelin XRS with stainless steel everywhere, red piping on the pop top, a small scuff mark on the reserve flap and a noticably long harness for a tiny rig. - s# - 16472
  • Bright red 95 Jedei Sweptwing with yellow airlocks and a little yellow on both end cells. Toggles set high and tight. An "APB" has been forwarded to EMT's and emergency rooms. - s#- 1133
  • 113 PD Reserve -s# - 11317887
  • Expert Cypres - s# - 10f0616362d0

If anybody comes across this rig, please would you contact Bruce -

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