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  • Who killed the Magic of Quincy?
  • New 2-Way Team Event at the PPPB
  • BASE Jumps in Paris
  • BASE Jumps from German TV Tower
  • Video Service
  • Orange Sport Parachuting Center Reunion
  • 2002 US Nationals in Chicago
  • USPA BOD Meeting Highlights
  • New POPS State Record
  • News Bytes
  • Freefly World Record
  • New Big Way Records in New Jersey
  • Apple technology helps make 'Courage'
  • Two-Year-Old Girl Makes Tandem Skydive
  • FAI/IPC Judges Seminar in Germany
  • New CSPA Canadian Record
  • Video Award from Omniskore
  • New Videos
  • News from the Shop Zone
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  • New Videos

    The Official WFFC 2001 Video
    The Official 2001 World Freefall Convention video from Martini Shot Films can be ordered now. Check out their website at If you experience any problems ordering through their site, send an email to You can also order the video through the WFFC by phone at 217-222-5867. Stay tuned as photos of the event will be up on the site soon.


    2001 World Championships Videos
    Video tapes of the competition dives at the 2001 World Championships in Spain are available from photographer Gustavo Cabana.
    Ten separate tapes include:

    • Fomation Skydiving 4-Way Tape A (teams above 10 points average) 135 mins
    • Formation Skydiving 4-Way Tape B (teams below 10 points average) 120 mins
    • Formation Skydiving 4-Way Women, 85 mins
    • Formation Skydiving 8-Way, 118 mins
    • Freestyle Men and Women, 159 mins
    • Skysurf Men and Women 133 mins
    • Freefly, 106 min
    • Canopy Formations 4-Way Rotations, 200 mins
    • Canopy Formations 4-Way Sequential, 217 mins
    • Canopy Formations 8-Way Speed, 100 mins
    Tapes cost $25 each, with a 10% discount for buying three tapes or more, and a 20% discount for buying all 10 tapes. Your can contact Gustavo Cabana by phone/fax at (34) 636-076-131 or by email at


    ZaboVideo - The Convention: Seven Years in the making
    After ten years in the sport and 4000+ skydives and 3,500 video jumps and seven years doing the "Zabo Alternative Quincy Video", Steve Reynolds a.k.a.Zabo has been asked to turn out a quincy video of footage of video tape that he had censored and not released. So, now is producing the best of the past seven years of the World Freefall Convention in Quincy. The jumps you haven't seen, the nudity that was too xxx to show in the past, the parties and of course the skydives that didn't make the past cuts. And for sure the really cool jumps..the uncut version. This video is not for children. Check out for more information.


    The movie "Cutaway" is now available in stores on VHS and DVD. The Video costs $ 50 and the DVD costs $22. You can order your copy online at

    Cutaway [Order the Video]

    [Order the DVD]

    "Cross Wind" by Patrick Passe
    The new video of French videographer Patrick Passe, "Cross Wind", is now available, and it offers tons of great skydiving footage. Exciting freefly smoke dives - Awe inspiring wing suit mountain flight - Daring under bridge canopy swoops - Power and technique of pure 4 way and 8 way relative work - Energy of stand-up and back-to-earth dives - Aerial ride in the bewitching New Zealand light - Technical, magical, and aquatic canopy flares in unique and scenic locations - Frenzy and control in the art of base jumping - Masterful freeflying with Space Ball - the best multi-dimensional freefly ever seen through a 10 way star.

    Cross Wind - Buy it now!

    With Flyboyz, Loic Jean-Albert, Bruno Brokken & Richie Hurning, Arizone Airspeed, Omar Albergelan, Knut Krecker, Wendy Smith, Sean Moffett, Rickster Powell, Erich Beaud, Eric Fradet, Claud Remide, Olav Zipser -- 52 minutes - $49.95. The video can be bought at your local gear store or ordered online at


    Airspeed - The Documentary
    The video, "Airspeed - The Documentary", produced and directed by Jonathan Griggs, is on the market now. This video chronicles the Arizona Airspeed 4-way and 8-way teams in their preparation for the 1999 World Meet in Australia. It details the team's quest to be the first ever to win both 4-way and 8-way gold medals at a World Championship. Running Time: 51 minutes. The price is $30 and it is available at and at a gear store near you.

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    Airspeed - The Documentary - Buy it now!

    News from the Shop Zone

    skyXtreme ShopZone
    Check out skyXtreme's ShopZone and shop 'til you drop! Go and get great skydiving posters, books and videos. Shop for some cool glasses, gifts, bags, clothing, outdoor items and more...

    skyXtreme ShopZone

    Action Man Sky Diver
    This one-foot-tall articulated "Action Man Sky Diver" comes equipped with a REAL working orange parachute that's ready to be packed and deployed repeatedly for playtime adventures. The chute delivers "Action Man" safely to the ground from a four-story drop! It also works when tossed into the air at a 45-degree angle. "Action Man" (bearing more than a passing resemblance to G.I. Joe) is definitely living up to his name. Always up for high-flying adventure, the skydiving "Action Man" swoops into hot spots, and is outfitted with nylon coveralls, mission boots, high-altitude goggles, oxygen mask and harness backpack.
    Get yours today at!

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    Action Man Sky Diver

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