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On this page we feature whatever you can think of or what you might suggest to us. These suggestions can be about people, teams, drop zones, software, books, videos, games, and...and...

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Janine Hill - Cameraflyer

skyXtreme is pleased to feature our first woman cameraflyer of the month - Janine Hill! Originally from England, Janine studied film and photographic arts at the University of Westminster in London. Since then she has traveled extensively and has lived in New Zealand and Hong Kong.
With six years into the sport, and 3,000 jumps including 1,500 camera jumps, 35-year-old Janine is one of the lucky ones who makes her living as a professional skydiver, photographer and videographer. Janine's home dropzone is Skydive Lake Tahoe in California in the summer, and in the winter she cruises on down to Skydive City in Florida.


Janine Hill

All photos © 2001 Janine Hill       

Some of Janine's most memorable cameraflying moments have included her stint with the band Offspring when she filmed the freefall video for their "Huck It" DVD. She filmed "Alaska Jon" on wingsuit jumps and under canopy, and as Janine tells us, "We had a blast, and for a change, the production company actually made it look good!"
A great way to start the new year and another milestone for Janine occurred in January 2001 when her photos made the covers of both Parachutist and Skydiving magazine in the same month! A less enjoyable "milestones" was her landing under a malfunctioned Velocity which, as Janine states, "Really woke me up!"

Asked about her camera equipment, Janine tells us: "I use Pentax cameras as they are really light and rugged. The lenses are of comparable quality as Nikon lenses but cheaper. Whenever I send my originals out, photo editors are always commenting on the quality of images - good lenses, good film, a professional lab with a good attitude is all you need."
At the present time, she has just started her website "" and so far it is really going well even though she hasn't even started advertising yet! She is also hoping to branch out into other aerial sports and stunts. Janine's hobbies besides skydiving are ski/snowboarding, flying, horse riding, mountain biking, and BASE jumping, thus she is looking forward to a BASE trip to Baffin Island next spring.

Beach Swoop

Janine's advice for skydivers/cameraflyers? She says, "Go big or go home! Flying your body is all about being there where you want to be. I see a lot of people getting coaching and asking advice -you don't need to- just watch and learn, visualize how you want to fly and do it! It really is that simple!"
Be sure to check out Janine's new site at and enjoy the rich array of photos found there. In Janine's words, "Skydivers are a breed apart-keep the dream alive"!

ShastaJokers in the Air
All photos © 2001 Janine Hill

Two dogs and a Journalist

In her new book, "Two Dogs and a Journalist", investigative journalist Tess Crebbin travels the world with her dogs, a British Pekingese and an American Shih Tzu. They are having adventures in a variety of activities and one day they show up at the 1996 X-Games. This story centers around Joe Jennings and his bittersweet final competition after the death of his partner Rob Harris a few months before. Read about the touching friendship between Joe Jennings and Rob Harris, about Vivian Weygrath, Patrick de Gayardon and other top skydivers and their adventures with two little dogs.
"Two Dogs and a Journalist" is available from Protea Publishing Company at (770) 242-9891 or at

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