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Here you can find the latest news, which will reach us during the current month. Short and crunchy. Got news? Mail'm!


     Index   [Updated: September 14, 2001]

  • Who killed the Magic of Quincy?
  • New 2-Way Team Event at the PPPB
  • BASE Jumps in Paris
  • BASE Jumps from German TV Tower
  • Video Service
  • Orange Sport Parachuting Center Reunion
  • 2002 US Nationals in Chicago
  • USPA BOD Meeting Highlights
  • New POPS State Record
  • News Bytes
  • Freefly World Record
  • New Big Way Records in New Jersey
  • Apple technology helps make 'Courage'
  • Two-Year-Old Girl Makes Tandem Skydive
  • FAI/IPC Judges Seminar in Germany
  • New CSPA Canadian Record
  • Video Award from Omniskore
  • New Videos
  • News from the Shop Zone
  • Wanted!
  • New 2-Way Team Event at the PPPB

    The 2-way team event has finally been approved by the Para Performance Pro Blade staff. The November 1-4 "Para-World Games" will feature the 2-way team "Speed Event". Qualified teams will get the opportunity to compete in controlled, synchronized high performance flight. Individuals interested in competing in the 2-way event should contact the staff at the PPPB for a list of pre-qualification requirements.
    Two hot topics within the PPPB association are finalized for the new competition season.
    #1- The Para-Performance Pro Blade staff will allow a canopy pilot to switch canopies between events. However, switching canopies between rounds of a single event is strictly prohibited.
    #2- a hard shell helmet is required for all canopy pilots at PPPB competitions. Competitors are free to choose the type of helmet worn (full-face, skate, motoX, ect), but it must have a hard outer surface. Competitors who negotiate a course without a helmet will be issued the lowest possible score for that round. A second helmet violation by a competitor will justify disqualification from that competition.
    The PPPB World Games in November will include an intermediate class. The intermediate event will take place prior to the Pro events and are required for all new or unclassified canopy pilots requesting a slot as a Pro competitor. Additional information on the events or competitions of the PPPB may be obtained through or contact

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    BASE Jumps in Paris

    The French newspaper "Le Parisien" reported that two BASE jumpers leaped off the 200 meter [650 ft] "Tour Montparnasse" in Paris, France, on August 11. One jumper collided with a terrace and suffered light injuries. He was caught and treated in a hospital. The second jumper left the scene unrecognized.
    An unidentified parachutist made a successful jump from the Eiffel Tower, June 25. He leaped from a height of about 285 meter [940 feet]. He hid in the tower until it was closed to the public. The jump went without incident but the man was arrested when he landed. During the past months three BASE jumpers have jumped of the famous Eiffel Tower without incident.

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    BASE Jumps from German TV Tower

    For the first time BASE jumpers were allowed to jump from the TV tower in Stuttgart, Germany on July 14. German BASE jumper Klaus Renz and nine other jumpers from Germany, France and England leaped from the 150 meter high observation deck of the tower. They were watched by 4000 enthusiastic spectators who were invited to a summer fest by the "Südwestfunk" radio station. All jumpers landed safely. Klaus Renz plans to jump from the Eiger North Face, an 1800 meter [5900 feet] cliff in the Swiss Alps.

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  Video Service is a new service for camera flyers in Miami. This internet company is owned by Orlando San Miguel. He offers video gear and accessories like lenses, c-clamps, camera condoms, Sony support products, tapes, computer editing software and hardware, helmets and fire wires. The website also hosts a video artist's forum where videographers may display their work. San Miguel also offers the Ghost Flyer video series. Jumpers can download and display three-to-four-minute segments to promote themselves or sell their work. The samples will be free to view on the web, but San Miguel hopes to compile a series of best-ofs that can be downloaded to help pay artists a small royalty. You can reach San Miguel at or (305)274-9330.

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    Orange Sport Parachuting Center Reunion

    An Orange Sport Parachuting Center reunion is scheduled for October 19-21 in Tampa, Florida, USA. Please forward this information to people in your address book who were jumping there in the fifties and early sixties. Bring items and photos for the memorabilia display. A photocopy machine will be made available for sharing documents. Elizabeth Foster is putting this reunion together. For more information contact her by phone at 435-940-1187 or by email at

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    2002 US Nationals and 2002 BOD Meeting in Chicago

    During the USPA Board of Director's meeting at the beginning of July 20-22 in Alexandria, Virginia, the 2002 US National Championship Competition was awarded to Skydive Chicago in Illinois. The dates are September 6 - 22, 2002. The July 2002 USPA BOD meeting will also be held at Skydive Chicago.

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    USPA BOD Meeting Highlights

    On July 20-22 the USPA Board of Directors met in Alexandria, Virginia. As soon as the minutes of the meeting have been prepared by the Secretary and reviewed by the Board, they will be posted on the home page. In the meantime, here are a few highlights:
    The 2002 U.S. National Skydiving Championships will be conducted at Skydive Chicago in Ottawa, IL, and the Paraski Nationals will be held at the Ranch Parachute Club in Gardiner, NY.
    The quorum for USPA General Membership Meetings has been reduced from 50.1% of the membership entitled to cast votes either in person or by proxy to 10%. The Board adopted a new and more stringent Conflict of Interests policy for its Directors.
    Dave DeWolf was selected to be the next recipient of the USPA Gold Medal for service.
    The BIC and Coach Courses have been combined into a single course effective January 1, 2002.
    All USPA Jumpmasters are now USPA Instructors to include all non-method specific privileges, authorities, and qualifications currently assigned to AFF, IAD and Static Line Instructor ratings, as well as the method specific privileges associated with that of USPA Instructor rating. (Details will follow in an S&T Newsletter.)
    All current USPA instructional rating holders must exhibit air skills to the level of the Coach by December 31, 2002.
    The instructional rating hierarchy has been restructured to include three levels [only]: Coach, Instructor and Instructor/Examiner.

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    New POPS State Record

    The POPS [Parachutists Over Phorty Society] set multiple state records at Skydive Chicago in Ottawa, Illinois, USA in July. The group first built a 37-way, topping the 21-way record set last year at the same drop zone. The next day, they put up a 40-way, followed by a three-point 40-way. The jumps were organized by T.J. Hine and Max Meijer.

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