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Here we want to present some of the most interesting, provocative, colorful sites as our "Pearls on the Net". If you have created a unique, funny, informative page, or if you know of such a web page, please send us the URL so we can feature it here! is the new project of long time skydiver Jan Meyer from She maintains it under the web name "Geronimo", and as she stated, "it will become the largest collection of parachute and skydiving history and information".
The mission of is to provide information on...
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  • Parachutes of all makes and models
  • Biographies of people making significant contributions to parachutes or related applications
  • Military applications
  • Space applications
  • Aviation applications
  • Engineering aspects of parachutes and related recovery systems
  • Entertainment applications of parachutes: skydiving, para sailing, paraplanes
...for all people in a way to education, entertain and amuse.

And the project started out good. You can find the story of Joe Crane, who made his first jump in 1923 and later founded National Parachute Jumpers Association, and Tiny Broadwick, who made her first jump in 1908 and accumulated more than 1000 jumps. There are articles about the first Air-to-Air Video in 1971, the birth of the United States Army Parachute Team, the Hi-Tek 8000 - an early automatic activation device, and more is to come. Geronimo plans to add new stories every week and you even can sign up for a bi-weekly newsletter, packed with facts and anecdotes from the history of parachuting.

One of the coolest skydiving websites we've seen in a long time is the newly revised site "" of wingsuit creators Jari Kuosma from Finland and Robert Pecnik from Croatia. It boasts sleek, clear navigation and simple but eye-pleasing graphics. And we don't need to tell you that (of course) it's chock-full of birdman photos! This site makes for a very interesting visit for both skydivers and non-skydivers alike.
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We wish every site could be as full of good content and good design as From its FAQs to the Birdman Flight Manual to its Gallery of gorgeous photos, you'll enjoy every moment of your visit at the birdman's place which we can truly say is skydiver "eye candy"--go get some right now!


Puke Duke - A Regurgitation Record!
(What goes up must come down...and up!)

Here's a site which should go down in the annals of skydiving history (or maybe Ripley's Believe It Or Not)! This page chronicles the 30-year-old attempt by then-skydiver, Bernie Sayers to break the world record for the number of parachute jumps in 24 hours. The record was 200--Bernie attempted to make 240. A record of sorts was indeed set that night, but not the type Bernie had intended! Instead, he set "The world record for parachuting night pukes!" With warm and wistful good humor abounding, Bernie Sayers recounts his experience and passes on wise advice to his family and to us stating, " [you] can grow from attempting to do what seems impossible...even if [you] fail!"

Puke Duke
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