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What would a skydiver's life be without all those great boogies and meets around the world? Let us show you the special ones every month and some great Drop Zones around the world.
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Chicks Rock Boogie
October 6-7, 2001
By Regina McGowan

All too often in the world of skydiving, the girls in the community are not recognized for contributing as much to the sport as men do. At Skydive Elsinore, however, the girls are as much a part of the drop zone as the guys are. Being a dedicated regular at Elsinore and a female freeflyer, I have been able to advance tremendously in skill level through persistent jumping and by being able to jump with some of the greatest skydivers on the West Coast.
Being a female in any sport is hard, but being a female skydiver can be a real challenge. At Skydive Elsinore, the girls are just part of the gang and are always welcome to join in the fun.


Chicks Rock Boogie

It is time for the female skydivers to let loose and have some fun with each other. That is why I am organizing a "girls only" skydive boogie at Skydive Elsinore - ALL FEMALE SKYDIVERS ARE WELCOME! We will be organizing different loads for different skill levels and also helping some girls one on one.
The all-inclusive "Girlz Only Package Deal" costs only $175 and it includes 10 jump tickets, a long sleeve t-shirt with the Boogie Logo from the flyer on the back, lunch for two days at Elsinore's Snack Shack, Beer, and all organized festivities. Additional jump tickets are only $15 each.
I will be load organizing for the freeflyers and Linda Hardesty will be organizing the RW loads. Skydive Elsinore runs two super otters and they'll be running for us all day long. Raffle tickets will be on sale all day Saturday and Sunday and the drawing will be on Sunday after sunset. 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place prizes will be awarded and three girls will go home with really cool prizes from some of our sponsors. Also, I will be organizing two accuracy competitions, one at the last load of each day on our sunset jumps. The winner of those will also receive a cool prize. (All prizes are to be announced once they are finalized.)
So all you chicks that are down for some good 'ol girlie skydiving fun, come on over to Skydive Elsinore on October 6th and 7th and join us for the SKYDIVE CHICKS ROCK BOOGIE! It will be loads of fun and a great learning experience for all of us. Hey, maybe we'll even let some of the guys join us on a few jumps -just to shoot outside video for us of course!
For more information or comments, contact Skydive Elsinore at (909) 245-9939 or e-mail me directly at

The Richmond Boogie
August 29 - September 4, 2001

Aerodrome Sky Sports in Richmond, Indiana, again is hosting "The Richmond Boogie", currently the second largest skydiving convention in the United States, and one of the world's largest boogies, with an atmosphere like no other! The Richmond Boogie began the trend of the modern-day boogies for skydivers in 1972 when hosted by Garth Taggert, and continued until the USPA hosted the 1976 to 1980 Nationals in Richmond. After the infamous USPA party at the Holiday Inn (now the Ramada Inn), skydivers were banned from the city of Richmond for seven long years until Janie and Steve Stewart went to the Airport board and asked permission to host another boogie.

Aerodrome Sky Sports

go there...

In 1987, the Stewart's embarked on what has become a 14-year journey. With little advertising, the boogie brought in over 200 people the first year. Since then it has continuously grown in numbers, yet always has been the midwest's best kept secret!
The 2000 boogie hosted over 1,250 registered skydivers who made just over 8,000 skydives for the weekend. This year the boogie will be celebrating it's 14th year of operation, with a quality line-up of aircraft, world class organizers, hot skydives, and just plain fun. The skydiver's age's range from early 20's to mid-70's, so they can guarantee that everybody will find his niche at this boogie. The aircraft line up this year will host two Super Otters, Mike Mullins' Super King Air, the Jumper Sportswear Caravan, Skydive Chicago's New Jet Helicopter a second Helicopter, and Doc Linden's DC-3
And this is what you also get when you join the fun:
Skydivers Unite for Safety ParaQuip 2001 Summer Expo will be hosting all of skydiving's hottest equipment manufactures for you to enjoy right in the Quonset Hut!
Keith Snyder from Surf Flite will be there with boards and Jari Kuosma from BirdMan with wingsuits to try out. Organizers for the belly flyers will be Jerry Bird, Roger Nelson, Billy Weber, John T and more. Organizers for the freeflyers will be Orly King, Steve Utter, Rook Nelson and Missy Nelson. They will have organizers for all levels.
And there will be the parties! Expect four nights of live music with different bands, free beer every night, free hog roast on Saturday night, free gift for the first 200 registrants, and 800 acre airport with exceptional facilities.
The registration fee will be US $ 30. For more information call Aerodrome Sky Sports at 1-(888)-234-5867 and check out their web sit at

More boogies on pages  [1]  [2]  [3]  [4]

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