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What would a skydiver's life be without all those great boogies and meets around the world? Let us show you the special ones every month and some great Drop Zones around the world.
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Freefly Festival in the UK
August 25 - September 2, 2001

The Sibson Freefly Festival will be held over the week of Saturday 25th August until Sunday 2nd of September at Skydive Sibson in Petersborough, UK. This outstanding event will be a chance to hone your freefly skills, while enjoying the benefits of load organizing, coaching, big-way dives, tracking dives and general mayhem at the Birdland Bar.
Coaches will include Alex and Stuart Meacock and Giles Fabris, and the Ukrainian powered TurboLet 410 will give you plenty of time for practicing those sit, stand-up and head-down moves from 13,000 feet!
Sibson is well known for its friendly atmosphere, BBQs, and nosh-ups at the Birdland Bar & Restaurant. There's also a gear shop, showers, TV room, and plenty of accommodation in the bunkhouse.
The load organizers will cater for skydivers of all skill and experience levels, beginners and pro's alike. They'll ensure that you'll not only jump with people of your own level, but you'll also be challenged with new and different activities - 2-ways, 3-ways, big-ways, tracking and flocking dives - you name it, they'll be doing it at the Sibson Freefly Festival! Be there, or be semi-elliptical.
For more information check out their website or contact Alex Meacock at 07973-639045 or the Parachute Centre at 01832-280490.

Monkey Claw Freefly Jam
September 1-4, 2001
by Stue

We're doing it again! With a new, improved formula. Fresh with competitions and such. Food, booze, music, higher altitude jumps, CASA, tons of cool freeflying, etc. If you haven't danced naked (no you won't get arrested) on our Tiki Bar and gone for a late night booze cruise through the landing area, then you just haven't lived! Partying to excess is not encouraged, it's MANDATORY! Check out the new Monkey Claw observation deck while you're there.
Your host will be the Monkey Claw Freefly Team at Skydive Cross Keys in New Jersey, USA, over the Labor Day Weekend, September 1-4. For more information check out and

Couch Freaks Dollar Daze 2001
August 30 - September 3, 2001

No plans for Labor Day Weekend yet? Head down to Couch Freaks Dollar Daze 2001 with the Des Moines Skydivers in Fort Dodge, Iowa, USA. Same as it ever was..., featuring two Super Otters, a Skyvan, Danger Kitty, beer, load organizers, camping, hot tub, polyester party, chicken pooper, hot showers, The Packing Place, balloons, javelin, Hold On Band, SkyKat, Rob Romey [head down coach], tandems! The registration fee is $40 for jumpers and $30 for non-jumpers. Jump tickets are $17. Original Couch Freaks numbers will be awarded this year. You must be in attendance! For more info, call 515-243-1711 or visit

Labor Day Weekend at Chambersburg Skydiving Center
August 31 - September 3, 2001

A Labor Day Boogie will be held at the Chambersburg Skydiving Center in Pennsylvania, USA. There will be full moon night jumps on Saturday night and a party with barbecue and beer on Sunday night. Lyle Presse will be organizing fun ways, RW, tracking dives, birdman suits - Demos and seminar.
The dropzone has a new shaded creeper pad, full-time rigging staff, gear store, camping, RV hook-ups, Bank house, hot showers, shaded packing area. For more information call 800-526-3497 or 717-264-1111 and visit their website at

The Oktober Boogie in Australia
October 6 - 14, 2001

Australia's newest boogie will be held at Skydive Nagambie in Victoria, Australia. A Caravan, a Skyvan, and a Bell Ranger will be flying. They'll have parties, freeflying, FS 16-Ways, Formation Loads, CRW Big Stacks and a "World Nudie Way Record" For more information contact Luke Oliver at and check out Skydive Nagambies website.

Ags Over Texas Memorial Boogie
September 14-16, 2001

This year's "Ags Over Texas Memorial Boogie" will take place September 14-16, 2001 at Coulter Field Airport in Bryan, Texas, USA. The CASA from Carolina Skysports will be flying. Last year they had 100 participants. And this year will be even bigger and better. For more information check out their website.

Annual Harvest Moon Boogie
October 5-7, 2001

The Harvest Moon Boogie will be held for the fifth time in the south east. It will take place October 5-7 at Blue Sky Adventures in St. George, South Caroline, USA. A CASA and a King Air will be flying. Load organizers, band, prizes, free flying, formation skydiving...they have it all. And when the sun goes down, the party lights up!

More boogies on pages  [1]  [2]  [3]  [4]    

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