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There are always special events on the drop zones world wide. We'll try to figure them out for you and post them here. We also like to publish your stories and impressions of events, you just have to write them down and send them to us. Check back often, we'll update this page whenever we get the news.

[Updated: July 7, 2000]                               Page 1 - for more events see Page 2

Jump For The Cause 2000

"Jump For The Cause" had so much fun (and raised so much money) at the 1999 Womenís World Record, that they are going to do it again! On Sunday, July 23, 2000, at Perris Valley Skydiving, Square One Parachute Sales and Jump Run Productions are hosting Jump For The Cause 2000. This time they are jumping with Coral Degagne and her tandemmaster, Paco, to benefit spinal cord research.


Coral, 34, was injured in August 1983 at the age of 18 while riding an ATC in the California Mojave Desert. The result was total paralysis from the waist down confining her to a wheelchair. On October 17, 1992, with the help of her high school buddy, Jay Schumacher, Coral made her first tandem skydive at California City Skydive Center. Since then Coral has logged 200 jumps, all tandems, and is the only paraplegic to attain a USPA C license (restricted).
Coral's goal, besides raising money for charity, is to show that people with disabilities don't need to sit back and watch the world pass by. The organizers and participants of this year's event are going to help her achieve that goal.
The skydives will be an invitation-only 35-way formation built around Coral and Paco. The event includes the following: the Jump For The Cause Saturday Night Banquet on July 22, five jumps on Sunday, Sundayís breakfast and lunch, a beer/wine ticket, a stuffed-to-the-max "goodie bag", fun and fame. (Yes!..There will be media and you will be famous!)
Kate and Tony will be organizing fun jumps the day before (Saturday), so go down to Perris for the whole weekend and have some fun! They have a few sponsorship positions still available so donate goodies as prizes. Anything not given away will be auctioned with proceeds going to charity. Donít be left out of the fun and do a good deed! Your mother will really be proud of you! For further information contact Mallory Lewis at or call 310.457.4633. For Skydiving Information Please contact Kate

BASE Workshop in Europe
August 6 - 18, 2000

An intensive 12-day training workshop to learn advanced BASE techniques will be held in the safe environment of Southern Europe. This trip is an opportunity to push your limits and gain experience in Southern Europe's most beautiful legal sites.
Currently, there is a strong need for training due to a substantial lack of knowledge about advanced techniques in BASE among the BASE community. These are high risk components of the sport which require confidence and training.


Photo © 2000 Dwain & Slim

There have been injuries and deaths as a result of jumpers who were poorly prepared attempting these cutting edge techniques. This is an opportunity to learn with some of the best and improve your skill level. You will be trained at the highest level and, hopefully, will then share your knowledge with those you are regularly jumping with in your local area.
Dwain and Slim are the organizers and coaches who have demonstrated high experience in new fields of the sport. It is their aim to teach advanced techniques, to increase knowledge and safety within the sport, and to develop training methods within a safe environment.
Dwain Weston has logged over 600 BASE jumps without injury, the majority of which have been in very difficult sites. He has previously led trips around Southern Europe, Australia and Norway, and is currently the elected president of the Australian BASE Association. He is an experienced BASE instructor for all levels - from beginners to advanced jumpers - and has pioneered many techniques in the sport for the past several years. He is known as one of the best aerobatic BASE jumpers in the world.
Slim started BASE jumping in 1993 under the watchful eye of Dennis McGlynn. Since then he has made over 900 BASE jumps and has become one of the most experienced BASE jumpers in the USA. He has also won a number of titles in the International Pro Base circuit including overall champion last year. He has made hundreds of aerobatic jumps and trained new maneuvers for competition and exhibition.
The trip will be tailored to a group of six individuals jumping legal objects with delays which will range from two to fifteen seconds. Over a period of twelve days it will run through three countries: France, Switzerland and Italy.

August 6: Meet in Geneva, Switzerland, on Sunday morning. Jumping commences that afternoon in France if the weather allows.
August 7-8: Jumping various cliffs in France ranging from 400' - 1100'.
August 9-10: Jumping a 630' dam and a 750' waterfall in Switzerland.
August 11-13: Jumping various cliffs (1000' - 1300') and a 900' waterfall in central Switzerland.
August 14-17: Jumping various cliffs (800' - 2000') in Italy. Delays of up to 15 seconds.
August 18: Morning jump in France. Depart from Geneva that afternoon.

For more information on registration and details check out their
web site.

For more events see Page 2  

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