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The Irish Way Of Skydiving

Last week I went to Ireland on business. This time I was determined to jump. Last time I'd gone to Ireland, I'd spent a week in Mullagh with my extended family, and had no time to do anything else. But this time I was prepared. I had my rig, and I rented a car so I wouldn't be relying on people for rides. (Not that you can't get rides, but the rides often involve stopping at a pub, which can make a 40-mile drive an all-day affair!). The drive from Belfast to Dublin takes about three hours, and I only ended up on the right side of the road once.
I met Noelle in Dublin, after getting lost in Dublin, and parking my car in the first parking garage I came to. She was sick, unfortunately, and handed me off to Erica before going home again. We later met up with a whole bunch of skydivers, including David, DT, Meghans 1 and 2, and little Kevin.
And, of course, we went out drinking. Irish skydivers can really drink. They put southern Californians to shame. Heck, they even put Canadians to shame! (sorry, Shell.) They kept looking at me funny, I didn't smoke, and was only drinking about two pints an hour! What was wrong with me? Finally, I pleaded jet lag, and went back with Erica to sleep on her floor.
The next day I drove out to the Irish Parachute Club's dropzone. Normally it's an hour's drive, but with my brain already taxed by having to stay on the wrong side of the road all the time, it took me three. I ended up in Clonbollogue, a tiny town with one pub, a bed and breakfast or two, and a few dozen houses. I was worried when someone told me the B+B is "in town, you'll see it", but I shouldn't have worried. You could stand on the village green, shout, and have everyone in town hear you.

Irish Parachute Club
Photo by Terry o' Reilly © 2000

The IPC's drop zone is really nice--one big building that has a kitchen and a club room, a hangar for packing with bathrooms and showers attached, and a few trailers for manifest and pilot's lounge. It's surrounded by pasture, and right behind manifest I saw a collection of horses, sheep, and cows walking around. As DT pointed out, they're the only animals in Ireland who keep looking up for intruders!
When I first got to the DZ, I went to manifest to sign the waiver. Someone looked at my gear, and Tommy looked at my USPA card. "Okay, so let me get you on a load!" he said, and put me down for a hop and pop. No waiver? No court case to read? No thing to initial twenty times? I guess there are fewer lawyers here. Also, I was pretty close to my repack time, but I didn't have to worry: repacks come at six-month intervals in Ireland.
I made two hop and pops due to low clouds, then manifested for a high load. I figured I should pay at that point or I was going to start forgetting how many loads I'd been on, so I went into manifest and asked the woman there for five tickets.

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