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There are always special events on the drop zones world wide. We'll try to figure them out for you and post them here. We also like to publish your stories and impressions of events, you just have to write them down and send them to us. Check back often, we'll update this page whenever we get the news.

[Updated: July 25, 2000]                                   Page 2 - for more events see Page 1

300-Way Record Attempts
August 13 - 20, 2000

This summer, Skydive Chicago will host an attempt to break the current freefall world record. Beginning Sunday, August 13, 2000, the best skydivers from around the globe will gather in hopes of establishing this record. The quest is to link 300 jumpers in a predetermined formation for at least three seconds and smash the current record of 282 which was set in December 1999 by the World Team in Thailand. 24 attempts are scheduled beginning on August 13 and ending with the record or on Sunday August 20, whichever comes sooner.

Aircraft will be:
Skydive Chicago's three Super Otters
Doc's DC-3 "Lady Luck"
Paul Fayard has committed four Casas
Skydive Monterey Bay's Twin Otter
Skydive America Twin Otter
Skydive Arizona Super Otter & Skyvan
Jumprun Aviation Skyvan

300-Way Record Attempts

Team Canada 100

From August 1-4, 2000, Team Canada 100 will attempt to set a new record for the largest freefall formation of all Canadians at St. Catharine's Parachute Club/Skydive Burnaby in Ontario. The current record of 50 was set during the 1996 Canadian National Championships at the Swoop DZ, Grand Bend, Ontario.
Practice jumps to start July 31, 2000. Practice Jumps can also be made at the Boogie, July 14-20. During the Nationals, July 21-31, they will be doing 40- and 60-ways for additional practice. All jumps are made from Twin Otters.
You must be Canadian but you do not have to have a CSPA membership in order for this record to be recorded by CSPA. However you still need to have a third party liability insurance of some sort and that will need to be shown at the DZ. Also if you are not a CSPA member, before the record attempts begin, you will need to pay an additional $10.00 to CSPA.
There is a $50.00 non-refundable registration fee for the 100-way. The fee covers the costs incurred by the organizers, and guarantees you a tryout slot. It does not guarantee you a slot on Team Canada 100--that's up to you!
For more information on the event check out the Team Canada 100's web site, where you also will find a link for an online newsletter as well as registration information, that will keep you up to date, or call 905.734.8320 or email

AFF Certification Course - July 22-30, 2000

The annual AFF certification course at The Ranch in Gardiner, NY, scheduled for July 22-30, 2000, is still on. They offer the lowest course jump prices around and will only be using Super Twin Otters for this year's course. Last year they held the course even though we had to absorb the USPA 10 candidate minimum requirement. They can't promise that they will do it this year.
Anyone interested in becoming a USPA AFF JM should consider attending the course and sign up with USPA headquarters asap.

RW Skills Camp - July 22-23, 2000

A RW Skills Camp will be held at Archway Skydiving Center in Vandalia, Illinois. There will be no registration fee! You pay for 5-6 jumps at $18, plus a small portion for the video slot. This camp is for everyone, beginner or novice. Call Archway Skydiving Center to sign up 618-283-4973. Begins at 8:30 am.
Not into RW? Want to try something different? Take advantage of Archway's Free Freefly Coaching and Organizing.
Great things are happening at Archway Skydiving Center.
- Free RW & Freefly Coaching & Organizing
- Packing Lessons; call to schedule an appointment
- POPS Meet in July
- Bonfire Parties every Saturday Night
- Full time King Air flying to 14,000!
Visit their web site for more DZ and area information.

BIC & AFF Courses

Following is the schedule for upcoming BIC and AFF courses at SkyDance SkyDiving in Davis, CA. So far they have 2 people pre registered. Unless they have a lot of people register by this week, they will be forced to cancel the courses. Please help spread the word via any e-mail list, word of mouth, phone calls, Faxes, etc.
July 8-9 BIC - Basic Instruction Course,
July 13-14 - AFF Pre-Cert Course,
July 15-23 - USPA AFF Certification Course,
all courses by Rick Horn
To register contact the DZ by email at or by phone at 1-530-753-2651 or 1-800-SKYDIVE.

Dan B.C. Skills Camp

Skydive with 3-time world champion Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld! Dan will be at Chicagoland Skydiving in Hinckley, Illinois from July 22nd-30th. Contact the DZ for more information at (414)964-2268 or by email at

NEW!  Ohio State POPS Record Attempts

Skydive Greene County in Xenia, Ohio will be hosting the Ohio State POPS record attempts on July 28 to 30. The current record for Ohio is 20, set at Aerohio this summer.
Join them and help them to celebrate Jim West's 60th birthday, and hopefully celebrate a new Ohio Pops record!. Ther will be a Saturday night party at the West home with music, swimming, beer, hog roast, etc.. They will be serving all the home cooked food you can eat. There will be no charge for the party, and no registration fee. Camping is possible on the airport. Restaurants and motels less than 3 miles away.

For more events see Page 1   

For Events in Europe see the German edition of "skyXtreme"
or the worldwide calendar on Skydive World.

Events in America - July 2000
Date Event Club/Drop Zone Homepage
01.07. - 02.07. Freefly Skills Camp
with Orbit Punks
Skydive Houston
Waller, Texas, USA
01.07. - 04.07. Courses - BIC, JCC, ICC Skydiving Center
Marana, Arizona, USA
04.07. - 04.07. Freefly Skills Camp Sky's the Limit
Montgomery, New York, USA
07.07. - 09.07. Strong Tandem Instructor
Certification Course
Skydive Dallas
Whitewright, Texas, USA
07.07. - 09.07. 4-Way Skills Camp Raeford Parachute Center
North Carolina, USA
08.07. - 09.07. CRW Camp with Ryan Gifford SkyDance Skydiving
Davis, California, USA
08.07. - 09.07. Canopy & RW Skills Camp Skydiving Center
Pepperell, Massachusetts, USA
08.07. - 09.07. JM & Instructor Course
Info (616) 781-9411
Skydive Michigan
Marshall, Michigan, USA
15.07. - 23.07. AFF Certification Course SkyDance Skydiving
Davis, California, USA
17.07. - 23.07. Training for Nationals Skydive Toronto
New Lowell, Ontario, Canada
17.07. - 23.07. "Generation Freefly" Skills Week The Ranch Parachute Club
Gardiner, New York, USA
17.07. - 23.07. Woman's Training Record Week The Ranch Parachute Club
Gardiner, New York, USA
21.07. - 23.07. Airspeed Weekend
Load organizing and Skills Camp with Craig Girard
Skydive Cross Keys
Williamstown, New Jersey, USA
22.07. - 23.07. Focus 4, 4-Way SkyDance Skydiving
Davis, California, USA
22.07. - 23.07. High Altitude Jumps Chicagoland Skydiving
Aurora, Illinois, USA
22.07. - 30.07. AFF Certification Course The Ranch Parachute Club
Gardiner, New York, USA
22.07. - 30.07. Dan B.C. Skills Camp Chicagoland Skydiving
Aurora, Illinois, USA
24.07. - 28.07. Skydive University
Coaches Course
Skydiving Center
Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, USA
28.07. - 30.07. Skydive University
Skills Camp
Skydiving Center
Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, USA
29.07. - 29.07. Water Jumps at Lake Isabella Skydive California City
California, USA
29.07. - 30.07. PD 4-Way Sequential Camp
and Canopy Seminar
Sky's the Limit
Montgomery, New York, USA
29.07. - 06.08. AFF Certification Course Skydive San Marcos
Texas, USA
29.07. - 06.08. AFF Certification Course Skydive Quantum Leap
Sullivan, Missouri, USA

Events worldwide - July 2000
Date Event Club/Drop Zone Homepage
29.07. - 06.08. Instructor/Packer Courses National Training Centre
Wangaratta VIC, Australia

For Events in Europe see the German edition of "skyXtreme"
or the worldwide calendar on Skydive World.

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