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Here we'll show you every month a small collection of useful, useless and funny or whacko sites on the Web which are always worth a visit on rainy days. Enjoy!!

The, home of the hardcore crustacean, is a site designed and intended solely for organisms high enough in the food chain to appreciate the beauty of wanton marine life and hardcore crustacea. The materials available on this web site include graphic visual depiction's and descriptions of a fishy nature.
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These pages are clam-packed with the juiciest, pinkest, hottest, shellfish action available anywhere on the Internet - and it's all free! Are you ready to catch a BIG ONE? Do you wanna make your fingers smell all fishy? Are you ready for an explicit, sub-aquatic, experience? Click on the buttons and get ready to make your ears pop! Warning: this web site contains shellfish! It should NOT be accessed by spawn, whitebait, sprats, winkles, or anyone who may find this material offensive.



Passenger Rights
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Passenger Rights

Next time you board an airliner, ask yourself something: Are you a passenger or a victim? Hint: Don't wait until after lunch to ask! This site's mission is to empower you as a traveler. First (in case you didn't guess from the title) it spells out your rights as a consumer. Then, it teaches you how to effectively protect them. The next time you're on a trip and customer service has apparently been re-routed to another state, don't just start ranting.

Learn how to complain like a pro! You can even file written complaints with its handy complaint form. will make sure your complaint gets to the right person, and it will even copy the Department of Transportation. You'll never fear another ticketing agent or front desk clerk again!

Email Shows

Welcome to a new form of entertainment! An "Email Show"TM creates a virtual world where characters write to each other through email. Characters communicate about their lives, send pictures, swap links - just like real people online; we observe their lives as their stories unfold. When viewers elect to become subscribers, they are blind-copied on the emails exchanged between a cast of characters. Subscribers follow dramas voyeuristically through the short emails that arrive at various times throughout the day.

Email Shows
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