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Skydive Top Sites

Here we want to present some of the most interesting, provocative, colorful sites as our "Pearls on the Net". If you have created a unique, funny, informative page, or if you know of such a web page, please send us the URL so we can feature it here!


Blue Book 2000
A Multimedia Installation by Monica Salvarani

To describe Monica Salvarani's Internet home of Blue Book 2000 as amazing and wonderful is putting it mildly! Treat yourself to some fabulous 'eyecandy' and make a visit to the Internet home of Monica's real world art/skydiving photography exhibit. The gallery exhibition of Blue Book 2000 debuted in Los Angeles in February 2000 and is currently on exhibit in Boston, Mass.
Monica Salvarani takes you on a visual journey into the sky through earth, cloud & wind fabrication so that clicking through this amazing exhibit will simulate a departure from our world on the ground.


Blue Book 2000

go there ...

The main feature of this site is Marcus Heggli's large scale, color rich photographs shot at altitudes of up to 15,000 feet. The photos include portraits of a people not of our world as they hunt, play and rest in the sky. Salvarani says, "We are coming to meet you to complete the beginning in peace and harmony--be receptive. How would you feel if at the end of one day, like any other end of the day, you looked at the horizon while the sun is setting, and suddenly in that sky tinted of red and purple strange things started falling down toward you? How would you feel if those things--black dots, dark stars--started getting closer and closer, taking a shape recognizably human ... a beautiful flying species of man and woman? ... Sometimes dreams become reality and the inexplicable is revealed in a physical and objective solution. That is Blue Book 2000."


Mr. Biggs Goes Skydiving

Read and view the play-by-play adventures of Mr. Biggs as he does his first tandem jump! As Mr. Biggs tells it, "I happened to remark..that upon my thirtieth birthday I'd like to just go crazy and either purchase an accordion so that I can play for quarters during lunch, or jump out of an airplane. After deciding that the accordion option was actually too dangerous, [my girlfriend] made a phone-call to Skydive Hollister and set us up.

Mr. Biggs Goes Skydiving
go there...

I began asking around and discovered that a few acquaintances had in fact previously pulled off the same silly stunt and had lived to tell about it, and each told us, to paraphrase, "man, you gotta do this!" with great enthusiasm. So with this in mind, we did it. We rented a car and headed south to the Hollister airport.
After spending an hour or so putting on our funny suits and having our "Tandem-Masters" tell us what not to do, and to do what they tell us when they tell us, and that skydiving accidents only happen to people who do dumb things (I had done some dumb things before so I was slightly concerned), we all wandered over to the airplane and climbed in." Mr. Biggs goes skydiving and lives to tell and even put up a web page about his exploit!


Die Schurken

Die Schurken means "The Rascals" in German, and a visit to Die Schurken's Internet home will introduce you to the fresh style and funky attitude of this unusual group of like-minded young skydivers. With a home base in Austria, Die Schurken is notably different from the 'normal' skydiving club because anyone anywhere is welcome to join. And although freeflying is Die Schurken's main love, all skydiving disciplines are accepted and appreciated!


Die Schurken

go there...

A visit to their graphically rich site will dish you up some nifty eye-popping photos of their many activities, events and Die Schurken people. As you can see from clicking through the information and events sections, you can find these guys and gals anywhere and everywhere from the Freefly Festival in Lake Tahoe and bigway camps with the Perris Flyboyz to jumping and coaching on their dropzones in Europe. Die Schurken's web site makes use of nifty texts and graphics as well as a quick-maneuvering layout all designed to immerse you in the Die Schurken experience! Last, but certainly not least, a "must-see" when you visit their internet home is their 20-minute streaming video entitled "Airtrash". Rascals of the air unite! You now have a home and it's called "Die Schurken"!


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