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Jim Slaton wins Quincy Pro Blade meet for second year in a row
Reported by Karine Leblond

Jim Slaton has won his second Quincy Pro Blade meet in two years by beating out 16 other Pro competitors at the recent 2001 WFFC. This years Quincy Pro Blade meet was made an official stop on the 2001 PPPB (Para-Performance Pro Blade) Pro Tour. WFFC organizer Don Kirlin constructed a PPPB regulation size swoop pond built on site at the Quincy "Airzone".
The Airzone was equipped with packing tents, spectator areas, sponsor booth, entertainment area and of course the pond. The PPPB Quincy meet consisted of a three round speed event with a 240 feet long, 18 feet wide Airblade course erected & maintained by organizer Reggie Eastaugh.

Jim Slaton blows passed the cameras during a practice round over the pond at the WFFC Airzone.
Photo © 2001 Karine Leblond

The pro speed competition kicked off early Saturday morning after sunrise. High performance canopy pilots competed for about three hours under almost perfect conditions. Many competitors made fast, spectacular runs throughout the event but several fell victim to the vertical extension (missing the start gate) penalty. This type of penalty can knock a competitor to the bottom of the leader board in a single round. Heath Richardson had the fastest single round of the competition with a 2.73. However, Jim Slaton took first place flying an Icarus Extreme VX 70 scoring a 2.92, 2.89 & 3.2 second rounds without any penalties. Jim took home $1500 cash and medal for his first place win. Andy Anderson took second place and $1000 cash flying his Xaos 66. Third place and $500 went to Jay Moledski flying a Velocity 84.
At the time of this press release the location of next years WFFC could not be determined. However, organizer Don Kirlin did point out at the award ceremony that a swoop pond would be built for next year's competition if the location of the convention moved. The next stop on the Para-Performance Pro Blade Tour is the "Para-World Games" scheduled for November 1-4, 2001 at Perris Valley Skydiving. For additional information on the competition or tour log onto
Quincy Meet - Para-Performance Pro Blade Results
1st - Jim Slaton [Extreme VX 70]
2nd - Andy Anderson [Precision Xaos 66]
3rd - Jay Moledski [Velocity 84]
4th - Hans Paulsen [Crossfire 99]
5th - Heath Richardson [Velocity 79]
6th - JC Colclasure [Extreme VX 90]
7th - Luigi Cani [Extreme VX 65]
8th - Nathan Dexter [Extreme FX 114] 9th - Clint Clawson [Extreme VX 80]
10th - Chuck Blue [Cobalt 75]
11th - Jeff Mullins [Extreme FX 84]
12th - Julian Morgan [Contrail]
13th - Stan Gray [Extreme FX 95]
14th - Joel Mullins [Extreme FX 78]
15th - Julio Ruiz [Extreme VX 74]
16th - Jason Peters [Crossfire 102]


The German Skydiving League is in Full Swing
by Kurt Gaebel -

A total of eighteen teams have competed at the first season of the "Deutsche Sky Liga" so far. The new league seems to be a great success. The DSL consists of two active regional leagues at this point. The Central League ("Regionalliga Mitte") has held three meets so far, the Southern League ("Regionalliga Süd") has completed two meets. The last meet of the Southern League took place in Leutkirch with six teams completing six rounds at the end of July.

Deutsche Sky Liga

Team "Südwest" (Southwest) is the top scorer of the German league so far. At the last competition, they posted a meet average of 13.2 points. At the first meet of the season, Südwest had scored a 10.8 average. A total of seven competitors and one videographer are registered for the team. Jump numbers range between 1,400 and 7,000 per team member. The team squad is changing meet by meet according to the availability of the team members. Most of the Südwest members are experienced competitors and have competed with some of the best German teams before (Nuggets, Train in Spain, Hi5). The concept of allowing more members per team makes it possible for the teams to attend more season meets.
The leading team of the other league (Regionalliga Mitte) is called "Skydive Salamanca". This team from Soest consist of only five members, including the videographer. Salamanca has attended all three season meets so far. Scoring average of the best teams in this league is around 10.0 points. The Deutsche Sky Liga was launched this year by the German IPC delegate, Dr. Rainer "Exi" Hoenle. Hoenle used to be a member of the German 8-way team in 1987 and was the German national coach before he became IPC delegate. The DSL is a pilot project for a possible future European Skydiving League.

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