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Learn about upcoming competitions and championships worldwide. Check out the schedule of the month and get the latest results, stories and pictures.
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World Cup 2000 / European Championships
November 3 - 12, 2000

Skydive Arizona is pleased to host the World Cup of Formation skydiving, Freestyle Skydiving, Skysurfing, Freeflying, Women's World Cup of Formation Skydiving and the European Champion- ships at Eloy, Arizona. This beautiful drop zone was created for skydivers and skydiving competitions at a location with consistent, mild weather and facilities superbly suited to handle a large number of guests. Their staff is friendly and highly experienced in running competitions, including five U. S. National Championships and two World Championships.

World Cup 2000

go there...

Their large fleet of aircraft includes 3 Super Otters, a Super Skyvan, King Air, and Porter. They also have a vintage DC-4, Beech 18, and a Stearman biplane. They are capable of lifting more than 350 jumpers per hour into the air. Their list of facilities include a restaurant and bar, bunk house, showers, two large grass landing areas, a swimming pool, parachute sales and service, full rigging service, gourmet coffee shop and cyber cafe, numerous camping and RV (Caravan) parking slots, and travel agency.
For the 2000 World Cup, Skydive Arizona will use the best lodging and services available in their community. They consistently receive a high level of support from local businesses and government agencies who are eager to help serve competitors from all over the world.
The competition will use the Omniskore scoring system for fast and accurate posting of Formation Skydiving scores and Pegasus for Freestyle Skydiving, Skysurfing, and Freeflying scores with DZTV for the viewing public.
Skydive Arizona looks forward to the arrival of your delegation and to the best skydiving competition!
Tentative Schedule:

November 3

November 4

November 5-12

November 7


November 8-12

November 9-11

November 11


November 12

November 13

Official practice jumps Formation Skydiving starts at 8 AM to Sunset Late registration Formation Skydiving from 8 AM to 6 PM

Opening Ceremonies will commence at 3:45 PM

Formation Skydiving competition starts at 8 AM to Sunset

16-Way Formation Skydiving, Freestyle Skydiving, Freeflying, Skysurfing competitors arrive and register at 8 AM to 6 PM
Official practice jumps 16-Way Formation Skydiving, Freestyle Skydiving, Freeflying, and Skysurfing starts 8 AM to Sunset

16-Way Formation Skydiving, Freestyle Skydiving, Freefly, Skysurfing competition starts 8 AM to Sunset

Semifinals and finals of all events

End of competition jumps - 3 PM
Afternoon: Awards Ceremonies
Evening: Banquet at Holiday Inn in Casa Grande, 7 PM

Lay Day

Official Departure

This schedule is subject to change due to weather, aircraft problems and/or decisions made by the Meet Director and/or the Jury. Check out Skydive Arizona's web site for more information.


Lew Sanborn Accuracy Meet
November 11 - 12, 2000

Since 1994, an annual "Lew Sanborn Accuracy Meet" is held on different dropzones throughout the USA, and all started when Lew was traveling around the country trying to become the first skydiver to jump in all 50 states. Eventually he visited Sandy Hook, Mississippi, a small private drop zone in southern Mississippi where the idea was born to hold a competition that would promote skydiving, accuracy, and D-license.
Lew came in second to jump in all 50 states, but was instrumental in helping to establish the first annual meet for which he graciously agreed to allow the use of his name. It was originally to have been called the "Lew Sanborn Memorial Accuracy Meet", but Lew figured since he was still alive he would rather it wasn't a "memorial".


Lew Sanborn
go there...

Lew Sanborn [70] became the first person to celebrate 50 years of freefall skydiving on Sunday, April 16, 2000. (see skyXtreme story in Issue May 2000)
The 7th Annual Lew Sanborn Accuracy Meet will be held November 11-12 at Gold Coast Skydivers in Moss Point, MS. The competition will include individual and team accuracy and there will be a total purse of $2,500 plus valuable prizes for the D-licensed jumpers. The intermediate jumpers, less than a D license, do not compete for the purse, but they do receive trophies (for first, second and third), recognition, experience and prizes. The Golden Knights accuracy team is expected to attend, as it has in past years, as well as other top accuracy competitors.
Check out for more information.


Speed Skydiving Competition in Australia
October 21, 2000

A speed skydiving competition is to be held at the dropzone of Skydive Express in York, Western Australia, on Saturday, October 21.
The competition is to find the fastest and slowest speed over the vertical mile (5,280 feet, between 10,780 and 5,500 feet AGL). Exit altitude will be approximately 12,000 feet. Speeds will be measured by a ProTrack attached to the ankle. ProTrack Audible Altimeters & Freefall Computers have been donated by Larsen & Brusgaard to be used in the competition and awarded as prizes.
You may wear any of your own jump suits, or whatever you normally jump in, provided it does not have wings. The spirit of the competition is to compare skill levels not jump suits! Each jumper can make as many jumps as time permits in either or both categories and submit their best times. The organizers expect to have six ProTracks available for use on the day, so there should be plenty of opportunity to do several jumps if you want. Terry King will adjudicate. A briefing will be held at 7:30 AM on the day. The entry is free.
Skydive Express has one of the best skydiving facilities in the southern hemisphere. Their 760 square meter club rooms are the heart of our operations. Mains power, scheme water and an environmentally friendly sewerage system form the basis of a great skydiving resort. Also available are an air conditioned cafe, pool and spa, indoor carpeted packing, outdoor BBQ, clean modern bathrooms and bunk rooms.
For more information contact Brian Dunstan by email at or Skydive Express by phone at (08) 9444 4199.

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