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Here we'll show you every month a small collection of useful, useless and funny or whacko sites on the Web which are always worth a visit on rainy days. Enjoy!!


The Real Beer Page

This site is definitely 100 percent pure, with no additives. Crack it open, and absorb everything you could ever want to know about beer, brewpubs, microbreweries, homebrewing, and the beer industry in general. Need to find a place to drink beer? Search the brewery and pub databases, or consult the beer festival and homebrew event calendars. If it's cutting-edge developments you're after, then read through the extensive beer news section. Play beer games. Learn clever beer toasts. Send your friends online beer postcards.


The Real Beer Page
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There's even a new beer quote, such as "Give me a woman who loves beer and I will conquer the world," every Wednesday. If you ever get through all 150,000 pages, then there is a section full of links to other beer sites waiting for you. Bottoms up!
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It's a good thing we have the World Wide Web to occupy all those people who might otherwise be Vanilla Ice look-alikes, Babylon 5 conventioneers, or even Reform Party presidential candidates. Styled in preschool quality drawings and scribbled-out words, may offer a handful of sociopaths the opportunity to promote the written word in a happy, useful way.

The 2000 Special Sports and Sex Issue features a number of stories including Modeling, Memory Lane, Tennis Child, and Chess Abyss (hey, wait a minute, chess isn't sports, it's... it's... war!). You can also fulfill your word-hunger with Sissyfight, Talk Inn, and Horoscopes From the Lavender Planet. Could be a lot of fun; just don't get your fingers too close to its mouth.



This web site is a complete waste of productive time. Play Keno, BlackJack, Frog Hunt, and other contests and games. Read Dear Gabby's terse and unhelpful personal advice. Try Celeb Phone Tag, based on imagined answering machine lines from the likes of Bill Clinton, Dennis Rodman, and Pamela Anderson. As you play, you'll roll up a bundle of prize points called Speedy Bucks, which you can then redeem for real prizes in the Barter Auction.

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