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On this monthly page we feature whatever you can think of or what you might suggest to us. These suggestions can be about people, teams, drop zones, software, books, videos, games, and...and...


Tom Sanders' Aerial Focus

Californian videographer Tom Sanders is a skydiving photographer extraordinaire with some 22 years and over 6,000-plus jumps (4,500 camera jumps) to his record. Tom believes that his biggest success is getting paid for what he loves to do. As you can see from Tom Sanders' work, he is great at what he does! And although he is often in the sky filming major skydiving events, Tom's favorite discipline is BASE jumping. He enjoys jumping off tall cliffs or buildings best of all. But, no matter which discipline he's filming, Tom maintains that the best thing about being a skydiving photographer is that you are a participant--not a spectator--when you are filming!

© 2000 Tom Sanders

No doubt Tom Sanders' jumping career has been a skydiver's dream because he has been fortunate to have log books full of amazing jumps from all over the world. His mile-long list of credits includes such stints as one of the main cameraflyers for this month's skyXtreme cover story group, "Pieces of Eight"; cameraflyer/videographer for the George Bush skydives (One of Tom's photos taken from a Bush skydive won Time magazine's Picture of the Year award.); jumping into the Seoul Olympics; James Bond films; landing at night on skyscrapers for the movie, Drop Zone; and doing BASE jumps off a skyscraper in Singapore. Tom was also the official videographer up to 1999 for the World Freefall Convention. We could go on and on, but for a more accurate listing of Tom's professional credits, you can read them for yourself when you visit his web site.
On Tom's Aerial Focus site you can find numerous photos of the above-mentioned Bush skydive as well as what we can only describe as "stunning" photo galleries of Angel Falls, several libraries of photos from the World Freefall Convention as well as some outstanding photo work from the 1999 World Team World Record Freefall Formation. One of the best features of Tom's site is that it looks great but doesn't load you down with gimmicks. And if it's skydiving photographs or videos you're after, you can easily purchase them here. We think you'll agree that Tom Sanders and his company, Aerial Focus, present some of the most visually compelling skydiving photography to be found anywhere. Tom's work is just plain viewing enjoyment you don't want to miss!

© 2000 Tom Sanders     © 2000 Tom Sanders

All Photos © 2000 by Tom Sanders

Exotic Sky Adventures

Just imagine that it's mid February and it's warm. On your next skydive you exit from either a Hercules, Caribou, Transall or MI-17 helicopter. The jump is organized by one of the experienced and recognized international organizers, designing the dive ready to be met by the group of your experience level. You are about to make a challenging and fun skydive - anything between 2-way to 50-way. The last jump of the day is on the beach right in front of the hotel you are staying at. The cold drinks and cocktails await you. The rest of the evening is rounded off with a local scrumptious dinner at the hotel, on the beach, or the town nearby unless it's one of the wild beach jumps where ESA's classical vodka coconut and bonfire/BBQ night will log in a memorable jump and adventure. Sound's like a dream? It's not!

Exotic Sky Adventures
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Every year, since 1992, Exotic Sky Adventures seeks out a new tropical location with new unjumped territory. Every boogie strives to live up to its exotic name since, the wilderness of Africa and Madagascar, the culture and serenity of Asia and the sensual Caribbean.

Venezuela Boogie 2000
Photo 2000 Aloys van der Palen

In 2000, Exotic Sky Adventures organized the Venezuela Boogie in Higuerote where 160 participants from 14 different countries made 3,206 jumps from an Antonov-28 and two Turbolet-410 in 148 loads. Besides pulling up a great skydiving event, the guys from ESA organized a humanitarian action called "Jump for Venezuela" which got an enormous response by the participants and by the skydiving industry. Goods, medical supplies and money were donated to the local population who had suffered from the landslide disaster that struck several regions of Venezuela at the end of last year.

ESA is currently negotiating and planning all details for the upcoming boogie in 2001 which will take place in Hua Hin, Thailand, from February 16 to March 3, 2001. To read more about past boogies and for new information about the upcoming Thailand boogie, check out ESA's web site.

XLR-8 Freefly School

XLR-8 Freefly School is based at the Para Centro Locarno, a top-ranking dropzone in beautiful southern Switzerland. The area is surrounded by mountains and river valleys on the southern side of the Swiss pre-alpine massif with Lake Verbano about one mile away, it offers a breathtaking background. Supported by the drop zone, XLR-8 was founded in 1997 with the purpose of promoting freeflying and teaching flying safety and competance.


XLR-8 Freefly School

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"The Hardcore" is the most adventurous project that XLR-8 has started. The idea was to find ten skydivers who wanted to learn to freefly together, with one vision in their heads. It was obvious from the start that it would be very difficult to keep ten skydivers together over a long period of time. Therefore, they didn't look too much at the individual's freefly skills, but rather trusted in the individual's learning ability and willingness to pursue a common goal.
"The Hardcore" is an ongoing and open project. It is a continuous workshop, allowing to further develop the instructional program of the XLR-8 Freefly School. The project's first major milestone is the completion of a scripted movie. The idea is not to repeat or imitate existing videos, but to set a new standard in bringing skydiving closer to the general public without boring the skydiving audience.
XLR-8 wants its elements to grow to be a powerful group of open-minded, skilled, and versatile freeflyers. This way they all have a concrete and unique opportunity to express themselves and realize their dreams of flight without limitations. Check out XLR-8's web site where you will find artsy, colorful web design and chock full of interesting information about XLR-8.

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