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This page is for your skydive articles and stories. Do you have something interesting to say? Do you know a funny, extraordinary or exciting story? Write it down and share it with the readers of skyXtreme.

A Plea For Help

Fellow Skydivers,
Disaster has struck our Drop Zone in Baraga, Michigan. Without the generosity of Americaís skydiving family, our small DZ in the northernmost forests of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan will have to close its doors after 24 wonderful years. The Michigan Tech Skydiving Club will cease to exist after 39 years of operation, and our club will fade away.
Thousands of students have made their first jump here next to beautiful Lake Superior. Our DZ has historically served skydivers for a 150-mile radius and generations of Michigan Tech students. But there will be no Year 2000 for us, if we donít get help.
Our C-182ís engine is tired, due for rebuild, the plane needs a fuel tank and is out of annual. During normal times, we have an engine fund budgeted for this expense but this winter, I had to use the engine fund for a much more serious matter. I took my wife, Carol, to Houston for alternative treatment for Carcinoid cancer. This is a rare form of cancer that produces a nasty hormone with many side effects and as such, cannot be treated by conventional methods (chemo and/or radiation). Also, this means that the treatment is not covered by insurance of any kind. Her at-home treatment is costing $9800.00 per month. The treatment period is open-ended but hopefully will only last for a few months. I cannot even work until my wifeís treatment is finished, because I am the primary caregiver. I have to maintain the computerized pump and change IV bags daily the treatment is ongoing 24 hours a day.
Another reason the airplane fund is so low -- where else can a student get a static line jump and on up to a 15 sec delay for $15 including gear. This has been my hobby for all these years but it may end up as my only source of income until my wife is off treatment. I could go on and on and bring tears to your eyes, but you get the picture.
If everyone in the USPA would donate one dollar, we would have the necessary $30,000 that we need to get the plane back up and running. Please, please be generous and save our DZ. Everyone who receives this e-mail, send it on. Also, please bring it to your DZ and post it in a prominent place. Time is of the essence, as our snow will be gone in a few weeks. Thank you!
Sonny Thoren D-629
Relatively North Skydiving Club
248 N. Main St. LíAnse, MI 49946
(906) 524-7976


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