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On this monthly page we feature whatever you can think of or what you might suggest to us. These suggestions can be about people, teams, drop zones, software, books, videos, games, and...and...

Sky-Eye Skydiving Services

Martin Evans and Tracey Eckersley have been skydiving since the '80's and are the principal partners of Sky-Eye Skydiving Services. With a home base in Florida, Sky-Eye is actually two different services, "Sky-Eye Skydiving Services" and "Freefall Camera Art by Sky-Eye".
Sky-Eye Skydiving Services provides AFF instruction, skydive coaching/organizing and/or video & photographic services to dropzones, boogies, events, teams, groups and individuals. They are a full service mobile operation with an abundance of experience and equipment to get the job done!


© 2000 Freefall Camera Art by Sky-Eye

Freefall Camera Artís video & photographic services are available to dropzones and/or boogie & event operators as video concessionaires. Their cameraflyers are also available for hire as independent contractors or contracted staff to dropzones, boogies, events, teams, groups or individuals. Their services or those of their cameraflyers, are also offered to independent and/or commercial moviemakers, advertising and promotional companies or other business operations.
A full-service operation able to provide a complete package from 35mm still photographs to a fully produced movie in any countryís VHS protocol, they have highly skilled and well versed staff photographers, each with extensive experience within their field, who use high quality cameras and the latest in digital mixing & editing equipment to offer you an excellent photographic & video movie package!
The team of Sky-Eye is presently at Skydive Delmarva in Laurel, Delaware, for the summer season. Their current plan is to be back in Florida during the winter season 2000/2001. By arrangement they are available for assignments at any location in the USA or worldwide. For more information check out their web site at, or email them at or call mobile phone at 561 379 3223.

Photo © 2000 Freefall Camera Art by Sky-Eye          Photo © 2000 Freefall Camera Art by Sky-Eye

Photos by "Freefall Camera Art by Sky-Eye" © 2000

Where The Fun Doesn't Stop At The Sunset Drop!

The Drop-Out Club from Essex, England, specializes in turning people into skydivers at exotic locations such as sunny Florida and the African wild! The group bills themselves as "A group of normal, everyday people who love to throw themselves out of airplanes"! In fact, all club members have full time jobs outside the Drop-Out Club but they try to get into the air as often as they can.

The Drop-Out Club

One inspiration for starting the club was a skydiver named Jamie Goggin. He helped the group get their qualifications in the USA. Unbelievably, they did not know Jamie, never met him in person, and only had talked to him on the telephone or over the 'Net. But Jamie set up their course and place to train. When asked what they could do for him in return for all his hard work, he replied, "Just help someone else to skydive". So this is one reason they put something back into this wonderful sport!
This non-profit club gets the chance to travel with groups to Florida and South Africa, and they get discounted flights through the company they use. For more information on trips, courses and the club, check out their web site at

Dropzone in the Ukraine

Aviation Club "Navigator", located in Sumy, Ukraine, offers a great opportunity to make unforgettable memories of diving in the sky of the Ukraine! The club offers first jumps, skydiving for experienced jumpers, and a video man to tape your skydiving. You can even fly an airplane or helicopter under pilot-instructor supervision with takeoff and landing made by him.

Aviation Club Navigator

Four jumpships bring the jumpers to altitude, one AN-2, a"Vilga", a "Aeroprakt" and a MI-2 Helicopter. Diving height is 800 m to 3500 m. Prices vary from $8 to $40 for a jump. Experienced instructors and trainers are available for all levels.
Hotelrooms are available for $30 a day per person. The dropzone facilities include a swimming pool, sauna, billiards, tennis, shooting gallery, night club and disco. For more information visit their web-site at [in English] or contact the club by phone at 380-542-216-123 or 380-542-222454.

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