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There are always special events on the drop zones world wide. We'll try to figure them out for you and post them here. We also like to publish your stories and impressions of events, you just have to write them down and send them to us. Check back often, we'll update this page whenever we get the news.

[Updated: May 5, 2000]                       Page 1 - for more events see Page 2

Dinner and Skydiving Movie
by David Patterson -

The Boeing Employees Skydiving Club and Seattle Skydivers invite you to join us for "Dinner and a Movie" on Tuesday, May 16, featuring Norman Kentís new movie "Willing To Fly".

Norman Kent Productions

Spend the evening watching Norman Kentís latest film, talk with Norman Kent,socialize with friends and win fantastic prizes! The event will take place at The Cinema Grill, 13000 Aurora Ave, Seattle, WA (behind the Outback Steakhouse at North 130th Street & Aurora Avenue)
The Cinema Grill is a different-style theater. The seating has been rearranged to provide tables for your food, the menu consists of burgers, sandwiches, pizza, salads and appetizers, along with sodas, beer and wine, plus a wait-staff to serve you. Check out their web site at
6:00pm - Doors open, food and beverages available for purchase
6:40pm - Movie starts
Following movie - Q&A for Norman and a short presentation of events occurring around the Northwest. Norman Kent Movies, CDís, and more will be available for you to buy through out the evening.
With each ticket purchase, youíll have a chance to win one of several door prizes, which could include the movie "Willing to Fly", the CD soundtrack, free or discounted jumps and more!
The Tickets are $10 advance purchase for BESC and SSD club memeber [your club dues at work!], $12 advance purchase, $15 at the door. We really don't want to deal with ticket sales the night of the movie]
For Tickets Contact:
David Patterson by phone at 425-787-7855 or email at
Dale Groven by phone at 206-544-7638 or by email at

Skills Camp With Arizona Airspeed - June 17-23, 2000

Join the folks at AerOhio Skydiving Center in Rittman, Ohio for an 8 day skills camp with Arizona Airspeed's Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld. The Airspeed skills camp will run six days with six jumpers per day, one day off for rest. The camp will focus on learning in an atmosphere of fun. Much attention is paid to the skill of learning and working together as a team.
The curriculum focuses on the skills necessary for all formation skydiving including, basic body flight, randoms, block techniques, exits, swooping, tracking, & team work.
There will be a maximum of 3 teams per Airspeed coach, giving each person one on one attention on every jump. The coaches will rotate throughout the camp in an effort to bring out the best from each person, both individually and as a team member! The cost is $475.00 per person plus jumps.
Please contact Sherry Butcher at AerOhio Skydiving Center for more information by phone at 330-925-5867 or email Sherry at or check out their web site at

Women's World Record Weekend - June 16-18, 2000

You are invited to participate (if you qualify) in a Women's World Record. The weekend is hosted by Skydive Chicago and Zute Sute. Our dual goals are:
1. To do the World's Largest Women's Sequential Dive.
2. To do the World's Largest Women's Night Dive.
We are looking for 30-40 extremely qualified women to accomplish these record dives.
We will be making 12 skydives throughout the 3 days, to an altitude of 13,000 to 16,000 AGL. Our airplanes are Skydive Chicago's Super Otters. The cost of the event will be $260. We'll begin with the Women's Largest Sequential Dive the morning of Friday, June 16th. The sequential dives will give us a great practice and warm-ups for the Night Record.
Night Dives
The Women's Night Dive World Record jumps will be the nights of Friday, June 16th and Saturday, June 17th.
Night Dive Requirements
Audible altitude device.
Strobe light attached to the chest strap.
Three different colored chem lights per night dive. (We will have these available at the event)
A canopy you are familiar with.
Loud whistle.
Preferably, a light-colored jumpsuit.
All applicable licenses.
Check In
8:30 am on Friday, June 16, 2000. The event will end at approximately 3:00 pm on Sunday, June 18, for those of you who are traveling.
We are working on obtaining sponsorship for this event. Chem lights and strobe lighting is our first goal. I will follow up this invitation with more information as necessary.
Saturday night, June 17, we will have a Bagland picnic dinner. (If you're familiar with Skydive Chicago's Bagland Picnics, you know this will be a feast!) This will be before our night dive. After the night dive, of course, the party begins!
A deposit of $60 and your registration form will be due by May 20.
FFI contact via e-mail at: or 815-433-0000.
I hope you can make this event and help us in achieving a couple new women's world records. You know it's going to be a blast!
Skydive Chicago

For more events see Page 2  

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