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Learn about upcoming competitions and championships worldwide. Check out the schedule of the month and get the latest results, stories and pictures.
 [Updated: May 7, 2000]        Page 1 - For more competitions see Page 2 and Page 3    

US Nationals 2000 - Style & Accuracy
June 4-10, 2000

Several dropzones in New England will jointly run this year's US National Championships of style and accuracy set for June 4-10. This major sport parachuting event will be hosted by the Jump Town drop zone in Orange, Massachusetts and will be organized by Connecticut Parachutists, Inc., a parachute club based at Ellington Airport in Connecticut, with assistance from Pepperell Skydiving in Massachusetts, and other New England drop zones.

Jump Town Orange

USPA moved the meet to Orange after a schedule conflict with the world meet made it impossible for Perris Valley Skydiving to run the competition in October with the other disciplines. Meet director is Robert Gardner.
They intend to run the meet with five Cessnas, by the book, and around the theme of "This Is Where It All Started", harking back to Orange's foundation back in the late 1950's as the forerunner of the commercial operation, and to the DZ's early experience as host of the 1962 world meet and host of the 1965 US Nationals.
Entry fees for the open classes will be kept to $200, and per-jump costs will be $8 for accuracy and $11 for style. There will be an advanced class with substantially lower entry fee in order to encourage participation. They will announce that fee soon.
Details about travel directions, lodging, and services at the Orange Municipal Airport are available at the Skydiving Nationals web site at [ULR wasn't working when we last checked!]. Practice days are set for May 29 through June 3. Telephone Jefferies at (802) 453-3611.

Events at Skydive Dallas
by Jennifer Powers

We thought it time to give you a look at what's coming up in the Skydive Dallas Schedule. If there is something missing or something you would like to see, let us know and we'll see what we can do.
May 12-14 -- Team Pimp Tracking Shindig
So you think you can track eh? Well come out and prove it! Team Pimp Freefly will be hosting a Tracking Shindig. There will be cash prizes for tracking pylon race-awards will be $200 for first place and $100 for second place and also there will be a $50 prize to the winner of the farthest tracker contest. There will also be a Special Shindig jump ticket price Friday through Monday for those who register for the boogie, along with T-shirts and beer and a goody bag for registrants. Registration is $20 if you register early at the DZ or through the Pimps or $30 at the boogie. Contact info available at 903-364-5103, 1-800-SKYDIVE if you are in the metromess of Dallas, or you can reach the Pimps at

May 20-21 -- TSL Meet Number 2
Contact Joe Hazel for further information.
May 27-29 -- Formation Load Extravaganza
This will be a warm-up try-out event for the Texas Record Event in July. This Camp will focus on the tricks of the trade when it comes to formation loads. There will be a $10 registration fee and skydives will be a ticket plus a buck. Hosted by Jennifer, Tom and Rick, sign up by contacting us at

Tracking Contest at Skydive Spaceland
by Lee McMillian

There will be a tracking contest at Skydive Spaceland in Rosharon, Texas, on Sunday, May 28, and here are the rules:
1. No whining! No protests, no rejumps.
2. Exit plane as instructed, go as far as you can (horizontally), perpendicular to the line of     flight, pull legal.
3. Trophy and cash prize for first place in each division. The winner in each division can go     one on one with me for double or nothing (the cash only).
4. Low pulls will be disqualified-period. You must have a two minute canopy ride - you can     do without spiraling just this once.
5. No batwings or gliding-type suits - we want you to do this in the suit you use on a     normal weekend jumping.
6. Be safe! Have fun!
7. Judge's decision is final. Please see rule # 1.
Entry Fee: Your jump ticket
Two Divisions: With booties (or other like devices) and without
First prize: Trophy and $100.00 (plus chance for double or nothing)
Second prize: seeking corporate sponsors, so prizes may get somewhat better
Third Prize: Jump tickets
Why at Spaceland?
Because there are no "Farmer McNasties," only open fields to land in if you don't make the DZ, and two parallel highways, parallel to the runway, so you can exit over one, track toward the DZ (into the prevailing wind), and hopefully, land there.
No, this is not the biggest prize event this year. The idea is to have some semi-serious fun and practice the lost art of tracking for one full jump, once a year (at least). Hopefully, this will promote safety and remind you to get good separation before dumping.
If you like to sponsor a prize or have further questions? Please feel free to contact me at
Hope to see you there!
Lee McMillian (D-5643)

Scottish Nationals 2000

The Scottish Nationals will be running from Friday 26th to Monday 29th May (Friday will be used as a practice/registration day). Saturday, Sunday, and Monday will be competition days, for the 4-Way, 8-Way, Freefly, (Freestyle, Skysurf if they get the demand), CRW, Accuracy and Style. Jump ships will be two turbines, (plus 2 x Cessna 206s)
They also have some great prizes on offer from our sponsors: Symbiosis Suits - Senior 4-Way - 4 XL Jumpsuits Thomas Sports Equipment - Intermediate 4-Way - 4 Half-price Teardrops Original Lizard - Freefly - Gold: Freefly trousers, Silver & Bronze: Half-price Gear DZ Sports - Intermediate 8-Way, CRW, Accuracy and Style - Altimeter Watches.
After all the competitions are over, they will be attempting to set a Scottish Formation record, in line with the 40th Birthday of the National Skydiving Centre, Skydive Strathallan. For more information on the Scottish Nationals / British Northerns, and to pre-register, go to

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