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This page is for your skydive articles and stories. Do you have something interesting to say? Do you know a funny, extraordinary or exciting story? Write it down and share it with the readers of skyXtreme.
 Page 3 - For rita's story of the boogie see Page 2    

There are stills and a cool video available from the Rec.Skydiving Boogie. Check out Jan Davis' web site at

Rec.Skydiving Boogie - Jan's Story
by Jan "Devil" Davis -
Photos © 2000 Jan Davis

Prior to this boogie, I wasn't feeling very happy about my skydiving or my life in general. I think I was getting burnt out without ever knowing it. I had gotten to the point of becoming completely anti-social and a recluse, barely even wanting to go to the DZ. I think I had forgotten the "joy" of skydiving. I won't let this happen to me again.

Over Sebastian From the time I arrived at Sebastian things looked better. As my buddies and friends arrived, I felt the tension and stress draining away and started enjoying myself. The warm reunions with those I already had met, the new meetings with those I had only talked to electronically, and all of them are such great people. From the funnels to the smoking skydives, they were all great jumps. I don't think there is anything as good as flying with your friends and being able to record the experience for them.

The most memorable skydives for me will be: Rita's comeback tandem, seeing the look on her face as Jimbo and I came in, she didn't know who to smile and wave at! And of course (as I told Jim before the jump), she forgot to pull! Her reaction after she landed, she hugged and cried on whoever would get close enough to her, and it's all on video! Then there was the 3-way I filmed with Jim, David and Reve. I planned to rodeo Jim as I filmed, but David kinda accidentally told him. Oh well, I did it anyway, but Jim had a death grip on Reve's arm and took her with us so she was on my back as I was on Jim's back. Once we got clear of it I had a blast letting Jim get within arm's reach of me and then popping my wings and running away. It's probably a good thing I didn't let him catch me cuz when I went to pull my pilot chute was already halfway out.

The highlight for me was filming Jim, George and Kelso doing CRW at sunset. I have a lot more respect for CRW dogs now, it is hard work flying a canopy for that long. My little Diablo 150 wanted to run much faster and steeper than those big ol' canopies they had, and I had to really work to stay with them. The shots I got make it all worthwhile. Guys, thank you so much for that opportunity. Sunset CRW

Then there was the jump where I actually did RW. I hadn't done an RW jump in over two years. I had been catching shit from some people, them saying I was skeered of RW or maybe just couldn't fly a slot. All I had was my wing suit, but Martin put together a 9-way and I even wore the camera. It went real well except for a small problem when George and I had to come together in a 2-way and he kept smacking his head into my lens!

There were numerous other skydives, all of them way too much fun. As to non-jumping activities, I don't think I can improve on Rita's description of Jim's pieing, but I must say that once it was done, I felt like I had accomplished my "boogie mission". After all his bluff, bluster and threats, Jim took the pies very calmly and continued drinking his beer between hits. He did throw a bunch of the goo at me and got it all over my jumpsuit. We all decided to go to dinner, and that is when I got my notorious ticket. I swear those old farts in Florida CAN'T DRIVE! I followed this old geez for miles in a 30 zone as he did between 15 and 20 mph. Flashing the high beams had no effect, he wouldn't speed up and wouldn't move over.

RW Fun When I finally decided to pass him on a straight deserted stretch of road, despite the double yellow line, the only thing I didn't see was the cop sitting in the dark by the side of the road... oh well. The cop got behind the geez with lights and sirens going and he STILL wouldn't move over! Should have given him the ticket, I think. So I get a ticket in the parking lot of the restaurant with Jim standing there enjoying every second of it. The good news is that I was awarded an Outlaw Skydiving Team T-shirt for my little escapade!

There are so many people to thank for this fun little boogie. Bill Flynn, and his son Peter, The Elvises, Jim, George and Kelso, Rita for just being herself, the entertainment provided by the AFF student we all scared away, the staff at Sebastian for welcoming us. Martin Evans for the great organizing and the loud funny way he talks when he's drunk. Julia, David, James, Reve, Tony, Tito, Jack Ceman and wife, Charm, and everyone else. Thanks to all of you I'm revitalized and out of my funk. You made me remember why I love being a skydiver.

A Day at the Rec.Skydiving Boogie
by David Ferree -

First jump of the day, and first jump of the boogie for me, was a 9-way of people who had mostly not ever jumped together before, all from the news group, and we did three flawless points including some turning pieces with time to twiddle our thumbs back at the round. Not a bad way to start the day.

I had an interesting jump with Jim and Jan today in which Jan's plan was to do a surprise rodeo dock on Jim. But we were also jumping with Reve' who only has about 60 jumps, so I tipped him off much to the chagrin of Jan. So let's see, Jan told me she was going to rodeo Jim but not to tell him. She told Reve' and told her not to tell Jim. I told Jim and told him not to tell Jan I told him what she told me, so as it ended up Jan was thinking she was surprising Jim while actually Jim, Reve', and me were all just sitting there waiting on her to do her thing. Jim told Jan after the jump that I told him what she told me about what she was going to do, so she was a little pissed. But I didn't post the really really bad picture of her I was going to, so she can't say too much.

Charm, David & Reve' And speaking of Reve', she had apparently packed herself a pilot chute configuration that just wouldn't come out, so she had her first reserve ride today. We had just done a simple little two way, so I landed next to her and noticed that she had a brighter colored parachute than I'd remembered. She showed me the pilot chute problem and sure enough it was a bitch to get out of the pouch. Regardless, she did the right thing. Congratulations, Reve'.

Thomas McDow and his Orbit Punks were there (the guys with the reflective globe picture on a recent Parachutist cover) and I decided that if anyone fit the description of Goat Boy, in looks at least, it would be him. Beyond looks there's not comparison; I for one could *never* do what those guys can do.

As I was leaving tonight, Martin Evans asked me to be kind in my postings about the people at the boogie, so I'm not going to talk about his "know it all sky-god attitude" or anything like that. Just kidding. He's a hell of a nice guy, for a wanker. In fact, everyone there was just great and a lot of fun to be around. I only wish my schedule and the weather had allowed me to have more than one day of jumping.

Jan Davis will have some tapes of the boogie for sale that will include a lot of us standing around and dirt diving and the usual stuff as well as a lot of good jumps and some not so good. Some people might think it would be worth having the tape just to see me bouncing off of Jim Bozarth's back from about 10 feet above, although I wish that would somehow get erased, actually.

Page 3 - For rita's story of the boogie see Page 2

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