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What would a skydiver's life be without all those great boogies and meets around the world? Let us show you the special ones every month and some great Drop Zones around the world.
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"South of the Border" Boogie in Mexico
March 15 - 20, 2000

Skydive Arizona is hosting another "South of the Border" Boogie in beautiful San Carlos, Mexico. Jumping from one of Skydive Arizona's Super Otters, beach landings, luxury lodging, a margarita sunset cruise and more, they'll have it all in the tropical resort area of San Carlos.

San Carlos Plaza Hotel

Some of the best organizers and most popular organizers in the country are available, such as Dan BC, the multiple world champion, who will be organizing for all experience levels, or top team Tony Domenico & Kate Cooper, Roger Ponce, Doug Forth and George Jicha. Packers & videographers will be available and Michael McGowan will be on hand to produce another "South of the Border" boogie video.

The Boogie package, which costs $725 for jumpers and $450 for guests [children under 12 free], includes five nights at the luxurious San Carlos Plaza Resort & Hotel and Fifteen skydives from 13,000' - additional skydives cost $18. Any unused tickets are valid at Skydive Arizona. All jumpers must be C or D license qualified, have a square reserve, and wear water gear on each skydive!

© Michael McGowan
Photo © Michael McGowan
Skydiving in San Carlos is breath taking! Climbing to altitude over the coastal mountains of Sonora, having the deep blue Sea of Cortez as backdrop while in freefall, and landing on the pristine white beach adjacent to the hotel makes skydiving at the "South of the Border" Boogie truly unforgettable.

For more information contact George Jicha by phone/fax at 623-773-0775, or by email at

Lake Havasu Spring Break Boogie 2000
March 10 - 12, 2000

Perris Valley Skydiving and Houghston-Sammartino Productions are the hosts of the Spring Break Boogie at Lake Havasu in Arizona for three days of jumps and fun. "D" License and water safety gear are required. There will be a Blade Swoop Event. For more information and registration go to AirBlades web site or contact Reggie at Airblades at 909/239-2321.

Perris Valley Skydiving

The 3-day Registration Fee is $315 and includes 12 jump tickets, event T-shirt, Friday night River Boat Cruise, and Saturday night Luau. The daily rate is $25 and $18 for a jump. T-shirt, Luau and River Boat Cruise are not included. Accommodations can be made at the Nautical Hotel, (520/855-2141) or the Crazy Horse Campground (520/855-4033)

For More Info or to pre-register, contact: or call 909/657-3904.

Photo © skyXtreme
Freaks Flock Together Boogie in Texas
March 17 - 19, 2000

Join the crowd and "Team Super Freak" at Skydive Dallas in Whitewright, TX, in breaking the boundaries of freefly and RW. There will be contests and events in freeflying and RW with an emphasis on hybrid dives. That means Flat and Freak Cross jumping ... Free flyers, Flat Flying and Flat flyers Free Flying! Sounds like fun huh?

They've got a Super Otter and there will be coaches and organizers for all types of jumping. Night jumps on Friday will add to the fun. Take the challenge in a hybrid formation contest or tracking contest, in a pillion races, or in a race for fastest/slowest man or woman. Make flock dives, tube dives, tracking name it--do it! They've really got some great prizes there and they could be yours! There will be a Party on Saturday night with live DJ sets and Denzil MC. The registration fee is $25 and it includes a T-shirt, door prizes and other goodies. For more information check out their web site.

For more boogies see Page 2

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