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There are always special events on the drop zones world wide. We'll try to figure them out for you and post them here. We also like to publish your stories and impressions of events, you just have to write them down and send them to us. Check back often, we'll update this page whenever we get the news.
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Safety Day at The Blue Sky Ranch
April 8, 2000 - Begin: 10:00 a.m.

Join The Blue Sky Ranch in Gardiner, New York, for their discussions on safety and safety awareness.

The Ranch Logo

Why attend Safety Day?
by Kim Emerson, S&TA -

If it were possible to make any one thing mandatory at the Ranch, attendance at Safety Day might be it. Anyone who has been around for a while will tell you that after extended layoffs due to the seasons or injuries we are all susceptible to a little rust and dust and could use some refreshing or at least a few reminders. The notion that because one has survived this far the chances of either getting hurt or causing hurt are diminished is probably the root cause of just the opposite.

But Safety Day is more than simply getting us back in the saddle. It's about education too. How many of us actually know what to do should we find ourselves standing alongside an injured skydiver before Gardiner Rescue has arrived? How many of us have used money saved up over the winter to buy a new, maybe smaller canopy and are anxious to try it out? Why isn't the fact that we've got a few jumps under one size canopy enough to guarantee skills as we downsize? Do we all know what to do about landing direction when the wind sock is either limp or even gone altogether? How do you know you're the one in the right and does it matter? What can you ask the pilot? What should you not ask the pilot? Do you have any responsibilities or is this a carefree playground where elves do all the work? If someone else notices something wrong with your equipment, why can't you do so first? What's important to look for? How frequently should you check your equipment?

There are probably a thousand reasons not to attend Safety Day. ("I already know this stuff," "I'd rather be jumping," "I was here last year," etc.) Those same folks who have been around for a while could also tell you that no matter how long one is in this sport, something new always pops up. We're often witnessing an accident we've never even conceived of before, or we're fortunate enough to hear of some new information or preventive maintenance measures that could save a life. As equipment and disciplines change, so too must our habits and awareness. What held true as recently as five years ago might have to be modified for today's level of skydiving. So ask yourself; "What could I possibly learn by attending Safety Day?" If you have to ask, maybe you should investigate. Please don't get or cause hurt. Let's see all those smiling faces on the 8th!

They guest speakers and topics at the Ranch's Safety Day are:

Kim Emerson: S&TA
Introduction General safety awareness concepts & practices

Kay Hoiby-Griep: USPA Regional Director
The role of USPA in skydiving
USPA and the DZ & skydivers

Guy Wright: DZ Management
Dropzone policies
Club membership

Brian Higgins: Pilot
Jumper-pilot relations
Pilot as god

Matt Harding: Rigging & Gear
Gear checks: What to look for & self maintenance

Dawn Pavlu-Cupples & Jim Cupples: First Aid
Basic first responder assistance
Hands on demonstration

Cathy & Eric Holter: Gardiner Rescue
What they do & what they need from skydivers

Hank Bungay: Cut-Away Harness
USPA recommends we all practice our cut-away procedures once a year.
When was the last time you had a malfunction and proved you could save yourself?
When was the last time you practiced?

Afterwards there will be a viewing of the movie "Ground Rush". Refreshments will be served. But, in honor of Safety Day, please don't drink & dive!


For more events see Page 2 and Page 3  

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